On May 15th, Femme Nuri hosted the seminar “Improving Women’s Health with Cannabis at the McMillan Event Center in San Diego. The unique event offered guests and sponsors the chance to network and connect with other cannabis patients and professionals. It did not have booths with vendors distributing free joints or a dab station tucked in the corner, but it instead was completely consumption-free, focusing instead on educating attendees – both men and women – about the opportunities in cannabis.

The Cannabis Cleanse

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As guests arrived, they were invited to wander through the two viewing areas set up at the event as they snacked on appetizers until brunch was served. With the theme “My Fair Lady,” this event offered a classic and elegant setting for existing and potential patients to learn about the many benefits of medical marijuana, while enjoying a delicious luncheon on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The first featured speakers at the event were Kristen Williams and Kira Gresoski, co-authors of The Cannabis Cleanse. The Cannabis Cleanse is a free ebook download that educates their readers on the benefits of cannabis and guides them in discovering the best and most healthy way to incorporate it into their own personal lifestyle. During their presentation, they discussed six key ways that you can improve your health with cannabis.

1. Preventative Wellness 

improving womens health with cannabis endocannabinoid system 6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Womens Health
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Our endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in balancing all of the other systems within our bodies, including the immune, circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems. The endocannabinoid system is made up of receptors embedded all over our bodies – and those receptors are designed to receive cannabinoids, a compound found naturally both within our bodies and in the cannabis plant. Essentially, cannabinoids allow the body to communicate more efficiently with itself, allowing it to work better.

Giving yourself a daily cannabinoid boost can act as a preventative medicine, helping keep your body functioning at its optimum capacity. But since everyone has a unique chemical makeup, the best dose of cannabinoids will vary from person to person. You’ll want to experiment to find an appropriate dosage and method of consumption that gives you that extra boost without over-stimulating your endocannabinoid receptors.

2. Weight Management

improving womens health with cannabis weight 6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Womens Health
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Replacing your recreational alcohol consumption with cannabis could help you better manage your weight. Your body recognizes alcohol as a poison and has to focus entirely on processing that alcohol before it can process your food, resulting in your food often being stored as fat.

On the other hand, cannabis can improve functions such as digestion, helping your body better process food. Not to mention that cannabis consumption methods such as vaping or smoking have zero calories, unlike alcoholic beverages which can have anywhere between 100 and 2,000 calories.

3. Improve Exercise

improving womens health with cannabis exercise 6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Womens Health
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When the idea of daily exercise seems daunting, cannabis can be used as a motivation tool. (Running isn’t nearly as horrible with a little cannabis in your system.) An uplifting and energizing strain can help you get out of any mental ruts you’ve dug and allow you to push past limitations you’ve created for yourself, allowing you to get out of your head and focus on your body instead.

4. Provide Essential Nutrients

improving womens health with cannabis nutrients 6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Womens Health
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Cannabis is classified as a vegetable, and its leaves, seeds, and flowers are all incredibly nutritious. Packed with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants, protein, and cannabinoids, cannabis is a wonderful addition to any diet.

You can juice it, add it to salads, or sprinkle it on a dish just like you would with any other herb. Note that when eaten raw, cannabis will not get you high.

5. Generate Creative Thoughts and Associations

improving womens health with cannabis creativity 6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Womens Health
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Everyone loves a good burst of creativity. Whether it manifests as a small home project, painting, new song, or spiritual breakthrough, making new connections is energizing and empowering, and cannabis can allow you to focus all of your energy on your new discovery.

6. Rejuvenation Time

improving womens health with cannabis rejuvenation 6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Womens Health
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Studies have shown that everyone should take at least 20 minutes each day to do something revitalizing for themselves, whether that be a little yoga, journaling, drawing, reading, music, etc. But when the stress of life falls upon us, it can be easy to push this short time – which is technically only 1.3% of your day – to the wayside.

Cannabis can provide you with the mental space necessary to step back from your hectic day long enough to relax and enjoy yourself.

What other aspects of health has cannabis been able to improve? The conversation surrounding cannabis can never be too big – we want to hear your stories! Share with us on social media or in the comments below.