Bernie Sanders is a guy that cannabis lovers can appreciate. You’ve probably seen the ceramic pipes made to honor his 2016 presidential campaign, but there is a new product out there that might be even cooler, and is definitely cheaper!

The story of Feel The Bern Papers

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Founder of Feel The Bern Papers, 20-year-old Tyler Diaz, told us he was inspired when he stumbled upon the handmade Bernie Sander’s pipes made by Stonedware Company.

I thought it was very creative, and put a whole new twist on the saying ‘Feel The Bern.’ What compelled me to create Feel The Bern Papers though, was when I saw the price. I felt there should be a way to support Bernie and ‘Feel The Bern’ without breaking the bank.

These are the first and only high-quality, king-size rolling papers made to support Bernie and his efforts, and Diaz said they have a bigger mission than just supporting your buds for smoking.

We felt the marijuana community has almost been forgotten during this election cycle. The majority of the focus has been pointed at other issues. We are afraid that if this community is left behind they won’t know who to vote for, or not vote at all. Feel The Bern Papers offer something fresh, and significantly cheaper than other campaign memorabilia to get the conversation started.

Sensational reception

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The product officially launched in the wee hours of March 16th, and within 48 hours of going live, Feel The Bern Papers had a swarm of orders. Since then the product has built a following of thousands across dozens of social media platforms, helping not only the project but the cause of bringing marijuana back into the spotlight for this election.

Follow the movement

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Follow their story and success, and help get the conversation started about cannabis and freedom before election day. You can check them out on Facebook, catch up on Twitter, see what they are up to on Instagram, and see what the sensation is all about, as well as order you papers exclusively at their website,

If you are a Bernie supporter, a cannabis supporter, both, or just want a great piece of election memorabilia unlike any political contest in history, then get yourself some papers. You can roll some impressive joints with those king size bad boys, and that alone is worth it.

Do you support cannabis legalization? Do you think Bernie will help us make it happen? Share your voice on social media or in the comments below.