Have you ever been high and come up with the best idea in the world? Like the most amazing invention ever? And the more you keep talking about it, explaining it’s functions and justifying why it is the best idea ever, you further convince yourself that you’ve just thought of the most amazing idea ever? Then your mind starts wandering, and you envision going on Shark Tank to pitch your idea and how you’re going to become rich and famous. And then your buddy taps you on the shoulder and reality sinks in again. Yeah, we’ve all been there before. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, it’s easier said than done. These “Stoner Inventions” were conceived while high, were actually executed and are totally awesome.

5. The Pipe Mug

Best Invention. Ever 1 I Am High, And I Just Came Up With The Best Invention. Ever.
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Coffee and Cannabis. A match made in heaven. Seriously, is there any better way to start the day, than with a toke and a cup of Joe? Thanks to the Pipe Mug, you can consume both… At the same time. Wake ‘n Bake just got a whole lot cooler.

4. The Sploofy

Best Invention. Ever 4 I Am High, And I Just Came Up With The Best Invention. Ever.
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We’ve been there. Smoking in our parents homes, dorm room, (insert any place you smoke that you shouldn’t) and you need to conceal the smell. Meet the Sploofy. This, of course, has been around as a DIY staple for ages. Grab the bounce sheets, soda bottle, toilet paper roll, yada yada yada…

But thanks to the trusty Sploofy, you can now forget about making (and throwing away) your DYI version, and upgrade to a legit model that has built-in HEPA filtration and replaceable cartridges.

3. The Knockout

Best Invention. Ever 3 I Am High, And I Just Came Up With The Best Invention. Ever.
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Bro, check it out. The knockout turns any bottle into a beer chugger, watering and gravity bong. Literally, this is the definition of “killing 2 birds with one stone” This Frat-tastic invention gets you drunk and high at the same time. Party on.

2. MassRoots

Best Invention. Ever 2 I Am High, And I Just Came Up With The Best Invention. Ever.
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The only platform, rather than a product to make the list. MassRoots, the social network for the cannabis community, is one of the best stoner inventions. We’ve all been there where we have an awesome picture to post but don’t want Grandma seeing you getting high on Facebook.

Thanks to MassRoots, you can post all the cannabis content that your heart desires, as well as interact with other like-minded enthusiasts, without the fear of getting grounded or fired (or both).

1. The Roll-uh-Bowl

Best Invention. Ever 5 I Am High, And I Just Came Up With The Best Invention. Ever.
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There have been a lot of silicone bong imitators recently, but no wannabe can compare to the original foldable, portable, on the go bong, the Roll-uh-Bowl.

For starters, this baby is made in the USA, something that the knock-offs are not. In addition, the Roll-uh-Bowl is made out of medical grade silicone (same material used in hospitals). The Roll-uh-Bowl easily folds up to fit in the palm of our hand, and can be stored in a pocket, purse or pack.

When in use, this thing rips like a champ and has a nifty eject-a-bowl that caches out your hit and inverts to fit a 14 / 18mm domeless nail. Roll-uh-dabs anyone? Yeah, count me in. Forget the copycats out there, check out the original unbreakable silicone water pipe built for adventures. Head to the Roll-uh-Bowl website for further information on this awesome portable bong.

What epic Stoner Inventions have you thought up when you were high? Have tried the Roll-uh-Bowl yet? Share your success with us on social media or in the comments below.