Some people have that one thing they love to extremes. A friend of mine is obsessed with penguins. She has cups, shirts, cookie jars, coffee mugs, and stuffed animals just to give you an idea. If there is a cute penguin picture on the internet, chances are she has reposted it. Other people love frogs, puppies, Star Wars, or at least one thing that they compulsively obsess over. I’m just not built that way. I like a little of everything. Variety is the spice of life, they say. With that in mind, broaden your horizons with Touch of Glass: Variety Pack.

Crystalline wonder

touch of glass 26 A Touch Of Glass #26: Variety Pack
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For some smokers, the perfect glass is a geode of light and color. They want something that is just as fun to stare at stoned as it is to smoke out of. This piece has a cross between crystal control at the top and glowing, oozing chaos at the base. Either way, it looks cool, blazed or not.

Twists and turns

touch of glass 26 2 A Touch Of Glass #26: Variety Pack
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This dark beauty has subtle accents of glitter, flower highlights, and random swirled accents of glass. The complexity of the design is what stands out to the eye, and is made even better by the consistent style. For those who love artistic expression, creativity, and a glass piece that shows off the intricate skill of the artist, this is a perfect fit.

Purple passion

touch of glass 26 3 A Touch Of Glass #26: Variety Pack
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For some of us, a favorite color is everything. For others, it is about simplicity and streamlined sophistication. This piece is ideal if you want something that is less about form, and more about function, without being bare of style. The sparkling depth of the purple is reminiscent of a sky at twilight but doesn’t demand attention. Still, if color coordination is a must, a rig like this is the perfect accessory.

Dripping with honey

touch of glass 26 4 A Touch Of Glass #26: Variety Pack
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There are those who just like smoking, and then there are those who absolutely love the look and feel of the herb. If you are a hardcore concentrate lover, you can’t resist ogling a thick, gooey dab that shines like liquid gold. You are obsessed like Winny the Pooh with that amazing honey. Why not show that love of liquid ecstasy with a rig literally dripping with beauty?

Mace mayhem

touch of glass 26 5 A Touch Of Glass #26: Variety Pack
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If you are the kind of smoker who wants their piece to make a statement, then this bold design is sure to get your point across. It is artistic, bold, and dangerous looking. With a bong like this, there will be no arguments over the table. A majestic weapon of splendor this is a showpiece worthy of awe. If you like to take your smoking session to new heights, then this level of opulent expression is sure to make you the talk of “high” society.

What makes a glass piece stand out to you? Curves, colors, style, or subject? Tell us what makes your head turn on social media or in the comments section below.