When the munchies strike, they can do so with a vengeance. No cupboard is safe, and no food exempt from its search for sustenance. But what happens when the taste buds of one culture collide with the snacks of another? A grab bag of experimentation and hilarity ensues. Check out this hilarious video from BuzzFeedVideo below.

The Famished Inquisition

BuzzFeed gathers a group of American cannabis lovers and gives them a selection of the most popular snacks from Australia. The first step in the process, of course, is to gauge their level of high.

On a level of 1 to 10, I’d say I’m probably like an eight.

Probably like a nine.

What’s the question?

Objective achieved. Now for the snacks.

The goodies

First up is Vegemite on toast, and it does not go well with the group.

I’ve never heard anyone speak positively about this food.

I can’t! I can’t! Oh my god, what is it?

I imagine that you eventually stop making this facial expression while eating it?

Next comes Eucalyptus Drops, and they change the game.

This is like a spa for my mouth.

This is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!

The snacks gets real

When Tim Tams come out, there is no question. They are amazing.

This is like a brand new culinary experience for me.

Can I have another one?

These are like the Girl Scout cookies of Australia.

But the fun and food don’t stop there. However, if you want to know what else is on the munchies menu for these hungry herb lovers, you are going to have to watch the video. No spoilers here.

Sympathy for fellow weed smokers

It is hard to imagine for those lucky enough to live in a legal state, but the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught up yet. Despite the fantastic stoner cuisine and overwhelming love of the herb, recreational use is still illegal down under.

You guys can’t get stoned? It’s illegal? You guys are a country that started from criminals!

It would only make sense, right? Maybe that rebel attitude just needs a power snack to get the job done.

Do foreign culture snacks hit your palette in a strange way? Do you think Australia will legalize recreational use? Tell us what you think on social media or in the comments below.