On June 15th and 16th, filmmakers and filmgoers convened in Manhattan for the second annual Cannabus Culture Film Festival, a traveling film fest devoted to films about or relating to cannabis.

What’s the Cannabus Culture Film Festival all about?

Cannabus Culture Film 1 The Cannabus Culture Film Fest Rocked Manhattan
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The Cannabus Culture Film Festival (CCFF) — with the word ‘Cannabus’ deliberately spelled that way to signal that it’s a traveling festival — is an outgrowth of the New York City Cannabis Film Festival (NYCCFF). Both of the festivals were founded by Tim Mattson, a cannabis activist and film lover.

According to Mattson, the CCFF sprang up simply as a way for young filmmakers to showcase their talents.

We had a bunch of extra entries [to the NYCCFF]. I felt that we had so many entries that we couldn’t accept in last year’s New York City Cannabis Film Festival, I figured, why not create an opportunity for these filmmakers to get their films out?

The Films

Cannabus Culture Film 2 The Cannabus Culture Film Fest Rocked Manhattan
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The submissions to this year’s festival ran the gamut from drama to action to comedy, all of which somehow had cannabis in common.

Among the films featured was the stoner-driven vehicle “Dude Where’s My Ferret?”, which charts the day in the life of a young stoner trying to make rent. “Burners for Bernie,” is a quick animated short professing love for the filmmaker’s favorite presidential candidate. “The Lotus Gun,” is a post-apocalyptic drama about the desert disappearance — and fateful reappearance — of a young woman’s lover.

According to festival co-founder David Walters, the diversity of the featured films is part of a broader effort to showcase great films and nudge the cannabis movement further along.

We’re here to put a platform out for all the people that are making cool films and are creative, and also to inspire people and help the movement move towards the legalization of marijuana.

Next CannaBus Stop: Somewhere Outdoors

Cannabus Culture Film 3 The Cannabus Culture Film Fest Rocked Manhattan
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 In light of the success of this year’s festival, CCFF Director Mattson has his eyes set on the future: Next year he plans to bring the festival to an outdoor venue in a state that allows for the recreational consumption of cannabis, so that filmgoers can imbibe the substance while enjoying the films.

We want to tie together the film experience with the smoking experience, because when you imbibe, what do you do? You watch movies. That’s the goal.

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