Buzzfeed’s High Guys are back at it again, and they’re taking on an entirely different kind of challenge. In this week’s video, the gang is getting hypnotized while high, and the comedy is better than ever. While the mind control might not have worked on all of the strong-willed High Guys, the two who were affected prove no amount of THC can halt hypnosis.

Going under

As the High Guys prepare to be hypnotized, they remain skeptical of the entire idea, questioning how you get good at hypnosis and how it even works. Emma Kennedy points out that her own father hypnotizes himself before going to the dentist to help conquer his fear, so she knows the process is real and can work.

Other members are more concerned about what the hypnotist will have them do.

I wish he could hypnotize me to smoke more weed. ‘You are getting higher, you are getting higher.’ – Brandon Brickz

Mike Glazer gives an in-depth explanation as to why he’s interested in being hypnotized and how he thinks the process is both scary and extremely interesting.

You’re just opening your mind and saying ‘here, you’re in control of this.’ Why would you want to do that? But, the fact that it can be done kind of makes me want to do it. –  Mike Glazer

Two guys, no girl

Emma proved too strong for the mind control tricks. She stood and watched with amusement, as her fellow High Guys fell into a deep dream-like state.

Throughout the hypnosis experience, Mike and Brandon participate in a series of hilarious activities, including believing they’re naked, hugging each other and auditioning for the Philharmonic. The boys play their hearts out on air instruments, hoping to earn the $57 million Philharmonic position.

It was like my brain was on auto-pilot and I let Tom Cruise take over. – Brandon Brickz

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