When it comes to breast health, the fabric you wear matters. But, can organic hemp bras really reduce breast cancer risk? Here’s the idea behind how this super cloth can give your lovely ladies a fighting chance. 

The new boob movement

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Women are getting smarter about the comfort and design of their undergarments. From bandeaus and bralettes to fancy lingerie, there are more options out there than ever before. For those who favor a little extra support, there’s a new kid in town: organic hemp bras.

Go organic hemp

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There is a good reason to choose organic hemp fabrics. While not often thought about, cotton and other fabrics are routinely treated with pesticides and chemical dyes before making it into clothing stores. An estimated $1,310 million US dollars are spent in insecticides for the cotton industry. This is more than any other crop combined.

These pesticides can then be absorbed by the skin and stored in fat cells. This is bad news for breasts, which are pretty much all fat. Recent studies have shown that all kinds of industrial chemicals make it into the breast tissue, and can eventually be passed on to nursing children. Other research links various kinds of industrial chemicals to breast cancer.

Fortunately, a simple solution may reduce some of this risk. Hemp.

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Organic hemp is easier to grow than cotton and is toxin-free. This means less stress on the environment and less stress on your lady lumps. With hemp, the only thing embracing your breasts is a natural herb. While not fighting cancer directly, opting for safer fabrics is one step toward reducing potentially cancer-causing toxin exposure.

While it may not seem like much, we are constantly bombarded by random industrial chemicals. Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure what the long-term effects of this exposure will actually be. In the midst of uncertainty, the best thing you can do is take steps to reduce the risk. Hemp fabrics are just one step toward a healthier and more sustainable future.

As an added bonus, hemp fabrics also wash a lot better than cotton. Cotton tends to break down over time, causing the fabric to wear out, pill, and lose its shape. This is not the case with hemp. Investing in a couple of good hemp bras will go a long way.

What are the best hemp bras?

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To find some high-quality hemp bras, you’ll have to go online. Nomad Hemp Wear is a great start. To quote from their site:

Hemp is the super star of eco-fabrics. Hemp is so green it has actually been used as a carbon-negative crop. It requires no pesticides, little weeding, and grows like the dickens. It even enriches the soil it leaves behind.

Etsy is another great option. Bras are handmade and you’re buying directly from the supplier. This directly supports small businesses and individuals. BlissJoyBull has a shop with some super interesting hemp fashions.

Want healthy boobs? Go hemp! It’s comfy, it washes well, and it’s toxin-free. What more could you want?

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