Some of the greatest things have been discovered while being high. We’ve put together delicious food concoctions, invented epic games, created smoking masterpieces and more. All of these things have required some serious creativity and of course, an open mind. Whether people want to admit it or not, being high has led us to stumble upon some pretty amazing stuff over the centuries. Here are the 5 greatest things ever accomplished while high.

1. Psychoanalysis

Ever Accomplished While High 1 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High. Ever.
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This accomplishment, discovered by Sigmund Freud, created an entire branch of medicine and brought the world two of the best seasons of The Sopranos. Psychoanalysis is one of the most controversial and influential theories of the 20th century. Let’s just say a few bumps had Freud’s creative juices flowing.

Cocaine and Freud went together like peanut butter and jelly for the first ten years of his career. He prescribed the drug to his friends for headaches, nasal problems and even just to make their cheeks rosy. He wrote letters to his wife promising to show her what cocaine does to a wild man. He even wrote a book called On Cocaine where he basically described how awesome cocaine is.

Freud and his friend Fleischel had many cocaine binges where they would stay up all night and discuss their deepest sorrows. This led to the genius idea of having someone plop down on a couch and ramble while someone else listens. For all you folks with a twisted tongue, don’t be too tempted because cocaine also killed Fleischel.

2. DNA

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When it comes to human genetics, Francis Crick is as close as it gets to being a rock star in the field. It all started with him bursting through the door and rambling about two spirals twisting in the opposite direction from one another. His wife Odile thought he was crazy but still ended up putting her artistic ability to work by drawing up the “craziness”.

Little did she know, she drew up the most reproduced drawing in science.

Of course, Crick was not sober when he thought of the double helix structure of DNA. LSD helped him discover the key to life and even won him a Nobel Prize. LSD didn’t turn him into some genius by itself, his discovery required quite a bit of theoretical, analytical and spatial thinking.

Crick was a fan of Aldous Huxley, who wrote that the sober mind has a series of filters that prevent abstract thought. Both Huxley and Crick believed that drugs, like LSD, could remove those filters. Don’t go rushing to hop on their train, though. Crick also believed life on earth was created by aliens.

3. The no-hitter

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Though he barely remembers it, Dock Ellis was the first to ever pitch a no-hitter on June 20, 1970. In the thousands of games in MLB history, only 247 had starting pitchers record every out without giving up a single hit. Surprise surprise, Ellis had a bit of help.

The same day of the no-hitter, Ellis ate three tabs of acid. While reading the paper the same morning, he learned that he had to pitch in six hours in San Diego. Despite the surprise, he headed hopped on a flight, high and all.

LCD is known for causing increased heart rate and slowing down time, so you can imagine that acid gave Ellis the boost he needed to throw a no-hitter. However, Ellis is simply known as that guy that threw a no-hitter, nothing more and nothing less.

4. Coke-flavored cola

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Coke may not compare to the discovery of DNA, but it still made an impact. John Pemberton claimed that the Coca leaf cured just about anything, including depression and nervousness to morphine addiction. He was so enthusiastic about the health benefits of the Coca leaf, which produces cocaine, that he decided to change his brand entirely by putting it into his soda.

As you can imagine, people were all about the new rush that coke provided. But of course, it didn’t last and the drink was back to providing nothing more than a pleasant taste in the early 20th century. Again, stick to cannabis because no story that started with cocaine ended well.

5. The Ten Commandments

Ever Accomplished While High 5 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High. Ever.
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If you’ve read the bible, you know all about the Ten Commandments. God passed on his commandments to Moses, who was deemed suitable enough to share with others. In Exodus, blaring trumpets and bright lightening are described and relate to the imagery that one would witness while high.

Though there isn’t a bunch of evidence to support that Moses was on something, the way he describes the scene makes us believe that perhaps he was. Mushrooms were probably the only available drug during those times. On top of that, they played a big role in the religious rites of the Israelites. While it may be irresponsible for us to assume, the imaginations of the Israelites were not

While it may be irresponsible for us to assume, the imaginations of the Israelites were not influenced by TV or radio back then. All there was to do was eat mushrooms, so it’s totally possible that shrooms gave us the Ten Commandments. Nevertheless, today we know better than to kill every fast food worker that messed up our order.

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