We wish we could be there to celebrate 710 with you. In honor of the holiday, we wanted to give a little shoutout to these 5 dabbing champs. One of them even does 10 dabs in one breath. Now, that’s impressive! 

1. Nice and smokey

2. The 10 dab salute

Ok, so this guy didn’t post this on 710. But, hell, he deserves some cred!

3. Someone has good taste…

4. The perfect setup

5. Dabs in nature… excellent way to spend 710

These oil fiends know how to celebrate. We couldn’t have done it better ourselves! We hope your 710 is absolutely amazing. Happy dabbing y’all!

How did you celebrate your dab holiday? Share your story with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!