There’s no doubt Snoop Dogg knows his cannabis culture inside and out. So, when the Dogg Father took on Sugar Ray Leonard during a round of Celebrity Family Feud and the topic of cannabis came up, it was a shock when Snoop’s answer was beat.

Champ versus champ

During Sunday night’s new episode of Celebrity Family Feud, Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and Snoop Dogg went head-to-head, battling for control of the game. As the two greet each other with a hug and saunter to their respective podiums, host Steve Harvey giggles with excitement after reading the men’s question. His sheer delight is enough to alert the audience that this is going to be a good round.

Name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana. –Steve Harvey

Without even a split-second of hesitation, Snoop smacks his buzzer to answer.

Put hands on him. More specific? She would, um, hit him.

While this is definitely a cannabis question, it’s certainly not Snoop’s area of expertise. After all, how often do you think Snoop is scolded for catching a buzz? Never. So, it’s no wonder his answer wasn’t at the top of the list, but it is there, coming in at the number four slot.


After giving his hilarious answer, Snoop stands back and waits for Leonard to reply, hoping his answer is higher than the boxing champ. Sugar Ray Leonard said:

She would scream at him.

As Steve Harvey turns to reveal the answer, the entire viewing audience is on pins and needles, waiting to see which celebrity will win this cannabis question. The scoreboard reveals Leonard’s answer in the number two slot, giving him control of the game.

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