Much to the chagrin of those tightwads who orchestrated Operation Pipedream years ago, there are more glassblowers than ever. Each has their own style, skills, and challenges. Some go big, some bold, others bizarre. Not to be outdone, some even go small. Really small. This glassblower, Mastahglass, has just blown us all away. He took the concept of making smoking technology smaller to an incredible level. Check out the world’s smallest working bong.

Aww, the world’s smallest working bong! It’s so cute

You might want to break out the tea set and stuffed animals. This thing is perfect for lego guys to carry to the party! Frankly, I want one just to wear on a necklace. How did this guy find such a tiny treasure? He made it. Mastahglass also does his own glassblowing. For such a small piece, I still count this as a big achievement. You can visit his page, shown on the bottom of the video.

Wait, it works?

Yes! Not only does this little bong look adorable, but it works. MastahRolla even takes a little hit of kief to prove it. Now that is what I call dedication to your craft. Or a “high idea” taken to completion, either one. I’m so glad he didn’t burn the face fuzz, I know the pain.

Neat and discreet

The quest for a tiny bong has actually been a contest of sorts for a number of years now. DBK glass had the title with a functional glass bong measuring 1.5 inches. Then, they beat themselves with one even smaller, just over an inch. But at under 1″, MastahRolla has scored success. As of April of last year, he holds the unofficial title of Maker of the World’s Smallest Functional Glass Bong! Congratulations!

Would you smoke out of a tiny bong? Is it perfect for a one-hit wonder, or just a novelty? Tell us what you think on social media or in the comments below.