The bamboo bong is the perfect weekend project for creative people who’d like a new rig that was photosynthetically grown, just like your cannabis. It can be found in gardens and backyards throughout the world, so in terms of supplies, this bong is one of the most simple to create. Although the construction will require some time and dedication, the end result will be a bong that should impress just about anyone. Check out the video below by TheHerbalHealing to see how to make your own bamboo bong.

The bamboo bong is durability from nature

One of the best reasons to be making yourself a bamboo bong is going to be the quality of the finished piece. If you can age your bamboo to dry it out, the wood will be much stiffer and stronger. It will also be easier to cut and drill the wood into once there isn’t any water trapped in the veins of the bamboo.

The strength of a properly made bamboo bong can easily outmatch even some of the thickest glass pieces. With no worries of shattering or chipped glass, the wooden bong can be your go-to for hiking trips, parties, and traveling.

One downside of these wooden bong’s is the cleanability factor. The textured nature of the bamboo will be great for residue to cling onto and might make cleaning  a little more challenging than a glass piece.

Would you consider creating one of these bamboo bongs? Is bamboo a resource that is very plentiful in your area? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.