Just thinking about your growing plants surely fills you with pride. You want to grow the biggest, healthiest, most bud-producing monsters you can. To accomplish this, you can’t just throw a seed in dirt and wait. The secret to vigorous growth lies in what you feed your plants. Here are 5 reasons you need to be fertilizing your soil for elite results.

1. Nutrient depletion

depletion 5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing Your Soil
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Time-released nutrients in store-bought soils can wreak havoc on a plant. Other soils have little if any nutrition in them. Grabbing even the best store bought soil only goes so far. If you do your job right, eventually the plant drains the nutrients out of this soil. To thrive, your plants need more. That is where fertilizing comes in.

2. Cannabis specific nutrients

5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing 2 5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing Your Soil
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Most nutrients out there are not cannabis specific. People buy nutrients for tomatoes, roses, African lilacs, or what have you and simply hope the balances aren’t too far off. Most soils won’t have what you plant needs either. For the best results, you need something made just for cannabis.

3. Availability

5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing 3 5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing Your Soil
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Having nutrients that your plant can’t uptake is worthless. Bio-availability means nutrients are in a form your plant can actually use. You wouldn’t feed your kids rocks to get their minerals. Don’t feed your plants a sandwich.

4. Life-cycle

 5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing Your Soil
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When cannabis changes from its vegetative state to flowering, its nutrient needs change, too. One soil or regimen that works great for growth can actually work against you when it comes time to grow buds. If you don’t change up your feeding, your harvest will suffer.

5. The little guys that make a big difference

5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing 5 5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing Your Soil
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Nutrients alone do not a fantastic plant make. Healthy bacterias, and most importantly, symbiotic fungi create the monster plants you see in magazines. Mycorrhizae, the fine webs of fungi in the soil, get easily broken during potting and transplanting. You have to reintroduce them to give a healthy soil environment.

Mycorrhizae help plants absorb water and nutrients while eating wastes, and protecting them from toxicity.

The Elite grower

5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing 6 5 Reasons You Need To Be Fertilizing Your Soil
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Growing the best means using the best. California knows how to grow cannabis, and Elite Nutrients knows how to feed it. Working with commercial growers, they have developed an amazing, cost-efficient 4-part system just for cannabis.

The Root Igniter stimulates mycorrhizae growth and nutrient uptake, giving plants the perfect start. Their nutrient formulas are extra-concentrated, so a little goes a long way. All their products are free of hormones, perfumes, dyes, and growth regulators.

Easy-to-use, every container from 8oz to 5 gallons comes with detailed instructions. Every product has nutrients in the most optimal plant-friendly form, and helps maintain optimal pH.

Note: In a hydroponic environment, you would use products at the recommended strength on the feed chart. Since you have other environmental factors that affect soil, Elite Nutrients recommend you start feeding your plants with the nutrients at half-strength.

Give your plants the best. Elite Nutrients proved their mettle in a 60,000+ sqft cannabis grow facility and backs all their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Turn your little miracles into muscle-bound marijuana machines with Elite Nutrients.

How many different feeding programs have you tried? How do you normally decide what to use? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.