There’s no doubt about it. Cannabis edibles are amazing. But, when you eat too many, chances are you’re going to have a bad time. Or, at least, an experience unlike any other. Luckily, a few tips on edible safety will make sure you enjoy your treats to the fullest. To help you avoid a downright weird situation, here are 10 do-or-dies so you have with edibles enjoyment, not edibles eek.

1. Start slow

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Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully kick in. Many new consumers make the mistake of eating more cannabis before your body has had a chance to fully metabolize your first treat.

Unfortunately, if you eat too much right out of the gate, once the effects come around, you may quickly realize that your brownie was far more potent than expected.

To play it safe, start with a 10mg dose of THC and wait the full two hours before eating more. Once you’ve learned how your body processes and reacts to the edible, you’ll know your personal limit from there on out.

2. Label your edibles properly

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Cannabis-infused treats and regular treats look the same. To avoid any mishaps, always label your infused foods. If you or someone else eats an edible unwittingly, you can guarantee that you’re going to feel a little weird.

The last thing you want is your spouse or roommate accidentally eating an edible on the way to work, only to become dysfunctional a few hours later.

3. Keep away from children and pets

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Infused foods are not for kids or pets. In fact, edibles can be fatal to animals. Cannabutter typically contains an enormous amount of THC. 3mg of THC per kilogram is considered a lethal dose for a dog. As for children, they will most likely become extremely sedated and confused. Cannabis edibles are adult-only treats.

To avoid a tricky situation, store your edibles out of reach from both children and pets alike.

4. Avoid driving

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Your body does not process edibles in the same way as it does cannabis smoke or vapor. The high from edibles hits a lot harder and lasts a lot longer. This makes driving and operating heavy machinery more or less out of the question, especially if you’ve eaten quite a lot.

Enjoy your edibles at home, where you can relax and won’t experience intense paranoia about getting pulled over.

5. Avoid drinking

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As just mentioned, the high from edibles is significantly stronger than that of smoke or vapor. Though cannabis cocktails are becoming a thing, newbies should avoid using both substances at the same time.

Alcohol can amplify the effects of some edibles, quickly turning a fun evening to a night dominated by an intense dizzy sensation. When you mix a little herb with a little drink, you might feel like the world starts spinning around. Experienced consumers call this phenomenon “the spins”.

6. Eat beforehand

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Eating edibles on an empty stomach amplifies their effects. This may be desirable for those with certain medical conditions, but new users might find this uncomfortable. Eating a nice, nutrient-dense meal beforehand will help you avoid getting a little too high from even a normal dose of edible.

7. Have CBD on hand

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Non-psychoactive CBD combats the psychoactive effects of THC. Having a high-CBD strain or some capsules on hand will give you a way out if you accidentally eat too many infused snacks.

Ingesting too much THC can make you feel panicked, paranoid, and anxious. CBD had the opposite effect, calming THC-induced anxiety.  If you notice you’re starting to feel a little too uncomfortable with an edible, try a little CBD.

8. Have plenty of water and non-infused snacks

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Sometimes, edibles taste so good that you start munching on them without thinking. This is not good. After a couple of hours, you’ll go from high to very high. Make sure you have plenty of water and non-infused snacks on hand to satisfy any cravings after eating an edible.

9. Cultivate a calm environment

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Those new to infused foods will probably appreciate experimenting in a calm, safe, relaxing environment. If you eat an edible for the first time at a party, for example, you may find yourself extremely uncomfortable if any anxiety or paranoia starts to occur. To play it safe, stick to a calm environment when you’re learning how cannabis-treats will affect you.

No matter where you are, if you do start to feel a little odd, don’t panic. You’re just high, it will wear off in a few hours, and nothing disastrous will happen to you. You just need to chill out.

Take a few calming breaths. If you’re out and about, step outside for some fresh air or head to a bathroom for some solitude while you collect your bearings. It might also feel good to splash a little cold water on your face.

10. Don’t prank with edibles

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Spiking someone with an edible is cruel. Not only will they experience an extremely potent high, but they’ll be stuck that way for several hours. If someone is unfamiliar with infused cannabis products, this may create a very uncomfortable sensation for them. It can be quite frightening to those who don’t understand what is going on.

If you follow these 10 safety tips, there’s no reason your edibles experience can’t be absolutely amazing. When you learn to use edibles the right way, they can be a lot of fun and very effective for medical cannabis patients.

However, if you go overboard, things might get a little trippy. If you’re uncomfortable with your edible experience, get yourself home and sleep it off. It will be better once you get used to it, we promise.

Have you ever been too high from edibles? Do you have any tips to maximise your edibles enjoyment? Share your story with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!