Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been the subject of many conspiracy theories surrounding the current state of her health. We’ve all seen the videos where she seemingly has a seizure mid-interview, or when she nearly tumbled down courthouse steps while on her way to answer questions about one of her many scandalous involvements. However, Clinton is learning to handle her ailments in humorous ways, as she dismisses a recent coughing fit with a quick cannabis joke.

Too much hot air

During a rally in Cleveland, Ohio on Labor Day, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton began coughing uncontrollably. For nearly four minutes straight, the potential President of the United States stood at a podium hacking up a lung, like she’d just taken the biggest bong rip of her life.

Of course, not wanting to admit to any kind of illness, Clinton quickly attributed the coughing fit to an allergic reaction she experiences when talking about her opponent, Donald Trump.

Not the first fit

While her Trump joke got a few laughs, nothing is funnier than the cannabis joke she made a few weeks prior, in April, during an interview with New York’s popular morning radio show, The Breakfast Club.

As Clinton begin coughing lightly, she turns away from the microphone to sip her beverage, trying to quell the sensation. Before she has a chance to get a handle on the situation, Host Charlamagne Tha God makes a bold statement.

Senator, you’re coughing like you got some medicinal.

Of course, when saying “medicinal,” Charlamagne is referring medical cannabis. After letting out a small chuckle, Hillary replies.

Yeah, I need some.

The entire cast breaks out in laughter at the Presidential candidate’s response, positive that she just became the first female nominee to crack a cannabis joke on live air.

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