Cannabis’s image is ever evolving over time, and a majority of the thanks can go to the women in the industry. Not only do they help smash the plant’s stigma, but they also are bringing amazing products to the table. From moisturizers to bath salts, women are bringing loads of THC-infused goodies to the table. In particular, is Foria, which is taking ganja a little further down south. 

Foria Pleasure: bringing delight to your lady parts

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The leading lady in charge of the move towards cannabis acceptance is Brittany Confer. Indeed, Confer is a community leader and public relations specialist for Foria Pleasure. From increasing sexual pleasure with lubricants to easing cramps with vaginal suppositories, Foria Pleasure can satisfy all your womanly needs.

However, Foria’s primary mission is to, “Play catalyst to future legalization in other states”.

Besides the golden leaf embossed on the label, their packaging doesn’t otherwise suggest that weed is its central element. When absorbed vaginally, products such as the spray and suppositories relax pelvic muscles. Also, they increase blood flow.

However, they don’t induce a high that’ll make you feel crazy or a severe case of the munchies for that matter.

Because we focus mainly on products that produce little to no psychoactivity (when used as intended), it is easier for people to view cannabis less as a recreational ‘drug’ and more as a therapeutic medicine.

Similar to edibles, the effects of these products can take up to an hour to take effect. However, it all depends on you and your body chemistry.

An organization with a purpose

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Currently, you can find Foria’s products in Colorado and California. As soon as legalization happens these products will have an advantage in the mainstream market. And it’s all thanks to the sophisticated packaging and Confer’s hard work.

Being that Confer wanted to support a company with a purpose, she didn’t for a second hesitate to work with co-founder Mathew Gerson. Not only did she see it as an opportunity to empower women, but also to support her desires.

I saw it as an opportunity to empower women, to encourage women to take control of their own pleasure experience, to facilitate sexual equality, to educate people on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and to support my personal desires as a long time cannabis legalization advocate. For me it was the perfect fit of powerful movements.

Women inspiring women

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Since Confer began her position with Foria, she says she is inspired daily. Specifically, by other women and their positive feedback. One woman, in particular, reached out after ending her long-lived battle with Endometriosis, thanks to Foria Relief.

Aside from easing her pain, the product strengthened her relationship with her partner. With testimonials like this, Confer should feel like quite the hero.

Sooner or later, Foria hopes to expand internationally. Not only do they want to expose the entire world to the medical benefits of cannabis, but also provide an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Being that Foria is highly successful, and women like Confer show dedication to the industry, women will no doubt continue to rebrand the image.

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