The trend to grow cannabis organically has deep roots. But with the large-scale concerns of the medical and recreational market, the mentality of bigger is better cannot be ignored. Yet, if we hope to create a world that not only legalizes but legitimatizes the herb, then we have to increase our standards. The inevitable shift back to organic is not only changing the face of cannabis, it’s saving it.

Standing up for standards

Organically Grown 1 Why Organically Grown Is The Future Of Cannabis
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Growing your cannabis organically is better for your body, and better for your herb. Already, our bodies take in far too many harmful substances, from the air we breathe to the food we eat.

With all the heated scrutiny we face for our choice of medicine, why mitigate the positives by sullying it? Harmful pesticides can cause medical complications, so why would anyone want to grow medicine with them?

Growing green

Organically Grown 2 Why Organically Grown Is The Future Of Cannabis
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Going green in your gardening doesn’t just make your herb healthier. The lack of heavy chemical fertilizers or pesticides makes the herb taste better, cleaner.

If you want the best cannabis, you don’t have to sacrifice yield for quality. Growing organically produces just as much if not more herb than even heavily tampered crops. But knowing how to maximize those yields the natural way takes either a long time or a short cut.

Naturally bigger, bolder, better

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For bigger, denser, heavier buds, without resorting to dangerous chemicals, Boss Nutrients has you covered.

They designed Heavy Boost to increase yields while reducing costs. And it does that in several ways. With its active organic ingredient OMRI certified, you know your plants are getting the best.

Heavy Boost helps your plant bank nitrogen for a big surge of growth while balancing the nutrient distribution for better overall yield. Even better, it increases oil production in your plant, meaning stickier buds.

Grow plants that fight back

Organically Grown 4 Why Organically Grown Is The Future Of Cannabis
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Boss Nutrients Heavy Boost wants to help you protect your plants without chemicals. You know how mulch provides the ideal environment for positive bacterias while deterring pests? That protection and enhancement of the environment are what makes Heavy Boost stand apart.

It accumulates several phenylpropanoid compounds with antimicrobial activity in the soil medium and roots that naturally protect the plant. Think of it like setting up defensive forces against the evils that might blight your buds.

Boss Nutrients

Organically Grown 5 Why Organically Grown Is The Future Of Cannabis
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Finally, Heavy Boost does exactly what the name implies. It increases growth speed, photosynthesis efficiency, and bud production. Your buds will grow denser and more uniform than ever. That means you turn ounces into pounds with one simple ingredient.

Visit their website and enter the promo code HERB15 to get 15% off your order. You can also follow Boss Nutrients on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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