Sometimes, you need something strong. Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that constantly produces high-THC. This strain may not be the best for new cannabis consumers, but die-hard kush fans should put this strain on their list. Skywalker OG tends to produce a strong, body-heavy high with a cerebral touch.  

Strain details

1 strain of day skywalker og Strain Of The Day Review: Skywalker OG
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This spacey flower is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush. Skywalker is a mellow indica that produces moderate amounts of THC. OG Kush, on the other hand, is a strong hybrid that’s known for its intense body-numbing high.

The cross between the two resulted in one hard-hitting indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content that reaches up to 25%.

Skywalker OG features a strong earthy, herbal aroma with plenty of spice. Kush fans out there will likely appreciate the characteristic sweet pungency of this flower, especially on the exhale.

Popular in California, this strain gives high yields and grows well in dry, sunny climates. It produces extremely large, fragrant buds with a heavy coating of frost.

If you’re into making your own hash, this is a great strain. It produces ample resin, perfect for kief collection and extractions.

The Skywalker OG experience

2 strain of day skywalker og sleep Strain Of The Day Review: Skywalker OG
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You’ll feel the kush heritage in this one. Intensely physical, a strong sense of relaxation will roll through your entire body. After a few tastes of this strain, you’re likely to sink down into the couch and stay there for a while. Eyelids become heavy and your stomach starts rumbling.

Though most Skywalker OG’s are strongly indica-dominant, there are some sativa phenotypes of this strain.

The sativa versions produce a much more mild body high and more mental stimulation.

The indica variety is more common, though. It, too, has some nice mental effects. You might find that you feel fairly clear-headed at first, and the fog begins as you consume more.

Why do people use Skywalker OG?

2 strain of day skywalker og relax Strain Of The Day Review: Skywalker OG
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Skywalker OG is primarily used for insomnia and pain. You’ll definitely be drowsy toward the end of your experience with this strain, so it’s best to save this flower for evening or nighttime use.

The strong kush lineage is to thank for the intense pain-relieving properties of this herb. The physical effects make your muscles, joints, and limbs feel loose yet pleasantly heavy.

Recreationally, this strain is one you’ll want to save for a rainy day. The light mental stimulation Skywalker OG provides means that you’ll be able to read a good book or pay attention to a film with a complicated storyline.

Just make sure you don’t use too much! You’ll cross the tipping point from relaxed to sleepy. Overall, you might feel a little lazy and ready to just chill for a while.

Aside from insomnia and pain, some patients report migraine and anxiety relief from this strain. Skywalker OG is sedative, so if you’re feeling a little too nervous or on edge, this herb will quickly calm you down.

However, if you’re prone to THC-induced anxiety, you might want to be careful with Skywalker OG. It does have a very high THC content, so be wary of that.

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