Appearing on The Late Show, Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaks about how he prepared for his role in the film SnowdenFirsthe spent time with Edward Snowden to study his personality and traits. Also, he spent time with the director Oliver Stone. In fact, Levitt tells Stephen Colbert that he and the director bonded over weed and war films off-set. And that’s not the only person Levitt smoked with off-set. Be sure to check out the video below to hear all about it. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on weed and war films

1 joseph gordon levitt gets high oliver stone snowden Joseph Gordon Levitt On Getting High With Oliver Stone
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When speaking with host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about his bonding experiences off-set.

Specifically, his time spent smoking weed with director Oliver Stone. To prepare for his role as Edward Snowden, he wanted to get to know Stone better. And indeed he did, by getting baked with him off-set.

Aside from smoking weed, the two bonded by talking about war films and even watching one,

We watched a movie together, a great war movie actually. The first time Oliver and I got stoned together we were talking about war stories. I asked him about Vietnam and he started telling me about it and then we started talking about war movies.

However, Stone is apparently not the only person that smoked pot with Levitt. In fact, Levitt even reveals who had the best weed on set:

There was a guy on set his name was Ralph, who was sort of our technical consultant. He actually used to be a hacker, he’s an extremely sophisticated hacker but now he works sort of on the other side. Here’s the funny thing though, to tie it all back in, Ralph also happened to have the best weed.

The film Snowden is currently out in theaters. Be sure to check out the video below to hear Levitt reveal what it’s like to get stoned with Oliver Stone.

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