2016 promises to be a big year for cannabis ballots. California, along with eight other states will be voting on medical marijuana or recreational initiatives. But none of this can happen if you don’t show up on Election Day and vote! In order to spur voter registration to aid the movement, one website is holding the Mother of all Contests! How would you like to win free weed for a year?

Win free weed for a year

1 win free weed for year andy Do You Want To Win Free Weed For A Year?
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Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, and we aren’t making this up! As part of the effort to get out and vote,, the online cannabis portal, is offering someone a chance to win free cannabis for a year.

This November, you could claim a world-first, and quite possibly the coolest prize ever given. But, as with any contest, there are a few rules.

The 4 rules

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  1. The contest winner will have to abide by the state law for which they reside.
  2. Contest rules also include that all the participants must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Contestants must be from a state where medical or recreational cannabis is legal.
  4. Contest rules will abide by all local and state laws regarding the purchasing and payment of marijuana.

How to enter

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Enter by going to the Facebook page and liking their contest video. Then leave your comment as to why you should win the contest below the video.

You can also enter by going to, signing up for a free social account, and then leave your reason on why you should win free weed for a year in our social feed.

Voting will be done by likes or votes on Facebook or on HERB’s own social network. The final top three go to a panel of judges for final judgement.

A winner will be announced on 4/20/17. This will allow for current states voting on the measure to approve laws and implement changes after January 1st.

4 win free weed for year cannabisnet Do You Want To Win Free Weed For A Year?
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Whether you looking for stories about cancer and cannabis, looking to chat with cannabis-based friends about CBD oils, or just find a dispensary near your location, has you covered.

The site offers full mapping for dispensaries, doctors, lawyers, and all canna-businesses. You don’t even have to search. If you’re thinking, “How can I find a dispensary near me?” just open the page.

Integrated with a full social network of cannabis lovers and an international blogging platform from all over the world, is changing the way people talk about their weed.

For more information on the contest or how to register, visit