As it turns out, hemp may be the next gold mine for Native Americans. Under US law, people can only grow hemp for research purposes. However, the Department of Justice made an agreement in 2014 to allow tribes to set their own laws in regards to cannabis. As a result, the doors to hemp cultivation are opening. Check out the video below.

Hemp: the next gold mine for Native Americans

From decreasing the amount of poverty to allowing tribes to return to their old roots of using plant-based medicines, hemp is the answer. Although casinos are boosting the Native American’s economy, hemp is capable of doing even more.

Under U.S. law, hemp can be grown only for research, with a permit from the DEA.

However, the Department of Justice opened the door for hemp cultivation by Native American tribes in 2014 when it agreed that tribes can set cannabis-related laws just as states can.

The industrial hemp project could probably overtake Indian gaming, not only in terms of employment but also in terms of revenue to the Navajo – Al Henderson, senior Navajo economic adviser,

Native American-owned CannaNative LLC says that they had final talks with the Navajo Nation, the largest federally-recognized tribe, about growing industrial hemp. The company has already made a deal with Medical Marijuana Inc to produce the first hemp oil products. Specifically, for more than 560 Native American tribes.

At present, the Navajo Nation is speaking with CannaNative LLC about beginning the cultivation of hemp on reservation land in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

As a result of the deal with the Navajo Nation, it’s possible the company can help hemp cultivation make its way to the US. Moreover, it can cut costs by more than 25%, according to Chief Executive Stu Titus,

Our goal is to plant our initial pilot program test crop in the spring of 2017 in the Navajo Nation.