A new Harvey West studio is filming a talk show that focuses on two of the best things on this planet: women and weed. Not only does the show feature Women Grow’s Jazmin Hupp, but it also features other guests in the green scene. From pot for pets to cannabis cocktails, “To Put it Bluntly” covers a variety of ganja-friendly topics. 

To Put it Bluntly

Santa Cruz 1 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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Just last week, Impact Creative’s new Harvey West studio shot the first eight episodes of “To Put it Bluntly.” The talk show includes women covering various weed-related topics. However, anyone can learn a thing or two from this web series.

During one of the episodes, the women discuss cannabis for pets, an interesting topic indeed. Santa Cruz local Effie Benjamin, in particular, shares her experience on the subject. When it comes to treating her dogs’ aches and pains, she chooses cannabinoid biscuits.

Furthermore, the host and co-producer Whitney Greer asks the panel to point out that the goal is not to get the animals stoned, which is a concern amongst many individuals when it comes to cannabis for pets.

Special guests

Santa Cruz 2 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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In another episode, “Blunt Tank,” a panel of business and marketing gurus recommend a cannabinoid skin care startup.

One of those gurus is Missy McDill, founder of Soquel marketing agency McDill Associates. Starting with a medical card to treat her cancer, McDill began researching the cannabis industry.

After some digging, she saw a gap in the market. Now, she is the co-founder of Plaid Cannabiz Marketing, the newest division of her business. The company, specifically, helps cannabis companies with logos, branding, as well as package design.

McDill also says she is careful not to alienate her existing clients with her newfound interest in cannabis,

You kind of have to be cautious about it, but I’m coming out because I’ve seen the difference it can make in people’s lives.There needs to be candid conversations like this.

Moreover, McDill says that the largest market in the green scene is baby boomers, who are transitioning from 70s pot-smokers to pain management seekers. Not only is the industry exploding, but it’s also coming fast and furious, she says.

For women and entrepreneurs, it’s an open playing field. There’s a lot of big money that’s going to be coming into this industry, so we all need to work hard that it doesn’t get taken over by the large industries and large segments. Santa Cruz needs to be very smart about it.

The cannabis industry: where women are welcome

Santa Cruz 3 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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In addition to McDill’s appearance, Women Grow’s co-founder Jazmin Hupp is also on the show. According to Hupp, more and more women are entering the weed industry, especially in human resources and marketing.

Then, there’s Shannan Rose, Plaid Cannabiz Marketing’s other co-founder, who says that the cannabis industry is creative, collaborative, and welcoming to women.

We’re supporting the industry to come into the light, to become mainstream and accepted.

A 2015 Marijuana Business Daily survey points out that women hold 36% of leadership positions in the cannabis industry, which is far higher than the 22% in other U.S. industries. At last, women have a business where they can dominate and more.

“To Put it Bluntly,” will be released on the web in January in 15-minute episodes.