White Fire OG is a powerful hybrid strain that is excellent for daytime pain relief. The THC content is astronomical, often reaching well over 20%. If you’re searching for something heavy-hitting and full-bodied, White Fire OG is the strain for you. For a proper warning, consume too much of this stuff and you might not want to leave the couch. 

Strain details

White Fire OG 1 White Fire OG: Perfect For Powerful Daytime Pain Relief
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White Fire OG is a hybrid cross between The White and Fire OG, both heavy-hitting flowers. The White is a balanced hybrid known for producing an OG Kush-like bud structure and plenty of THC. Fire OG is another hybrid with potent effects. In fact, it’s known for being one the strongest of the OG family.

White Fire OG is in a class of its own. One of the most potent strains in the world, this crystal-coated flower can produce anywhere between 22 and 30% THC.

With numbers like that, White Fire OG is recommended for those with some cannabis experience.

When you first smell one of these buds, you may notice a slightly chemical acidity. Upon breaking one open, the chemical and diesel aromas are most predominant. However, more pine and earth undertones are often present in the smoke itself.

The White Fire OG experience

White Fire OG 2 White Fire OG: Perfect For Powerful Daytime Pain Relief
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The effects of White Fire OG are interesting. It is sativa-dominant, but the OG heritage also lends some strong indica effects to the mix. The whole experience is head to toe, with quality body relaxation and plenty of cerebral sensations.

It’s not uncommon for people to experience a very pleasant light-headed sort of feeling, particularly in the front part of the head and sinuses.

Bodily effects can kick in fairly quickly, and they will become more pronounced as the high continues. Many consumers claim that they feel that the indica effects are more pronounced, but they still come with more mental energy than your standard kush strain.

White Fire OG does have some lung-expanding qualities. It’s not uncommon for even the most experienced consumers to let out a cough or two after this strain. The smoke and vapor tends to be quite thick and milky. Though, White Fire OG buds tend to be more fluffy than dense.

Why do people use White Fire OG?

White Fire OG 3 White Fire OG: Perfect For Powerful Daytime Pain Relief
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This is an excellent medical strain. Many people go for heavy indicas to manage chronic pain, but those can have a huge downside: sleepiness. White Fire OG is a great alternative to an indica for pain management. In high doses, this strain can produce some sedation.

However, White Fire OG is known for providing a sativa-like mental energy. This means pain relief without serious mental fog. This strain is great for daytime use, when you need some body-numbing comfort but want to stay alert enough to hold a conversation and possibly get a few things done.

For recreational consumers, White Fire OG is a good choice for a calm weekend with friends. The slightly sedative body effects will make moving around feel easy just hanging out seem pleasurable.

Yet, you’ll certainly have enough mental energy for a fun conversation or some time quality time gaming.