Medical cannabis isn’t cheap. Neither is recreational, for that matter. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy app or online tool that would tell you where to find the best prices right away? Fortunately, the masterminds at Wikileaf have tackled that exact problem. Here’s how you quickly find the best cannabis prices near you. 

Find the best prices in seconds

Wikileaf 1 Wikileaf & High Times: Helping You Find The Best Weed Prices
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Tired of browsing through dispensary menus, searching for bud you can actually afford? Great news- life just got a lot easier.

Wikileaf, the innovative strain database and marijuana dispensary finder, is the first price comparison service to hit the great wide world of the internet.

Their innovative new partnership with High Times enables them to deliver widely accessible and convenient dispensary maps to the cannabis-loving masses, which means they will help you find the best cannabis deals in your area.

Browsers can search for specific marijuana strains, find recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, and quickly see who offers the best prices on the map.

For example, if you’re looking for a $30 eighth from a marijuana dispensary in Portland, you can now peruse price-sorted sorted lists or move the map around to find low-cost dispensaries and delivery services near you.

Download the app for information on the go

Wikileaf 2 Wikileaf & High Times: Helping You Find The Best Weed Prices
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Looking for cannabis while you’re out and about? The Wikileaf Marijuana Prices app is available on GooglePlay. While it will quickly tell you the cost of

While it will quickly tell you the cost of local herb, it has several other important features as well. Search for dispensaries near me to find the location of the nearest shop.

Once you’ve found the right marijuana dispensary, Wikileaf’s comprehensive marijuana strain database gives you the run down on hundreds of different strains.

If you have a specific flower in mind, the Wikileaf/High Times price maps will help you find the best place to pick it up.

Wikileaf: always access the best medicine

wikileaf 3 Wikileaf & High Times: Helping You Find The Best Weed Prices
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As a bonus for medical cannabis patients, the app tells you what marijuana strains work well with particular ailments and conditions.

The app is also filled with other useful information such as descriptions of the overall effects, growing patterns, recommendations for the best time of day to consume, and info on the overall strength and THC range of the strain.

All in all, the Wikileaf/High Times  product is a must-have tool for anyone on a quest for quality cannabis. No need to waste time endlessly browsing on the internet. Head over to High Times to access the price maps and find dispensaries near you.