Six and a half years ago, Comedy Central gave the world one of the best comedies of all time. But now, sadly, Workaholics is coming to and end. After wrapping up season 7, the show will be saying their goodbyes. Still, cannabis enthusiasts everywhere can look forward to the final ten episodes airing this January. Not to mention, this isn’t the last time you’ll see these guys together. 


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When Comedy Central made the decision to put four young men together as the Mail Order Comedy sketch group, greatness was born. Now, the series Workaholics, despite being in the middle of a two-year pickup, is waving goodbye.

According to recent rumors, the upcoming seventh season of Workaholics will be its last. The show’s stars’ careers are taking off in new directions, so Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Kyle Newacheck, and Anders Holm are calling it quits,

We would like to thank Comedy Central, Doug Herzog, Kent Alterman and all of the fans for turning us from Boyz II Men.

Although it’s a sad time for many individuals out there, the crew is still keeping their sense of humor,

It was an incredible run but we’ve decided to leave on a HIGH  note. Get it?

Workaholics – a comedy about three roommates branching out into the real world after college – was a hit for Comedy Central from the start. The show kept strong ratings and stole the hearts of many.

Moreover, the series developed a cult and had attracted many well-known guest stars. In fact, Nina Dobrev, from Vampire Diaries, will appear on season seven, among others.

What’s next?

Workaholics 1 Goodbye, Workaholics. Youll Be Missed By Millions
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Workaholics may be coming to an end, but Anderson, DeVine, Holm, and Newacheck are still finding ways to work together. As a matter of fact, they are currently all producing, Adam, Anders, and Blake are starring in, and Newacheck is directing Game Over, Man! 

The thriller also stars Seth Rogan and will air as a feature for Netflix through the crew’s Mail Order Comedy production banner.

In addition to working together, the stars are also off doing their own thing. Recently, DeVine made his return on Modern Family. Furthermore, he held a lead role in When We First Met and starred in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates last summer.

As for Holm, he recently wrapped production Judy Greer’s A Happening of Monumental Proportions. Also, he is starring in and executive producing in the PI comedy series project Pigeon. The series also has a put pilot commitment at Fox.

Then there’s Anderson, who, along with his wife, hasva clothing line called Teenage. From tye dye goodness to stoned to the bone socks, it’s a line worth checking out.

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13087790 488318254699179 6066319535818198417 n Goodbye, Workaholics. Youll Be Missed By Millions
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