Shopping for quality cannabis seeds can be hard, especially for those who are new to the cultivation arena. Ensuring the seeds’ strain, gender and reliability are all aspects to consider before making such an important purchase. Unlike being able to tell the difference between strains in fully matured plants, seeds are much trickier. They all look relatively similar and, to the untrained eye, can easily be mistaken.

Quality and quantity

HempSeeds How To Remove The Guess Work When Buying Weed Seeds
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One cannabis seeds company is taking the guess work out of growing and promises customers the high-quality seeds they anticipate when entering into cultivation.

With a massive 4,500 different varieties of strains in their marketplace, SeedSupreme works with European breeders who ensure the highest quality pot seeds.

Simply visit the SeedSupreme website, choose a specific strain you’re interested in and learn more about the properties of that plant, all in one place.

Choose your preference

terpenes 1 How To Remove The Guess Work When Buying Weed Seeds
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By removing the guesswork from shopping for cannabis seeds, SeedSupreme has opened the door to many cannabis enthusiasts who previously shied away from the uncertain world of cultivation. After deciding on which strain you’d like to begin growing, simply add the item to your cart and check out.

1. Beginner strains

Specially selected for beginner growers, these strains are specifically selected to deliver high yields with minimum fuss.

2. Feminized seeds

SeedSupreme also has feminized cannabis seeds for sale. This removes the guesswork so you know you’re getting the ladies you’re looking for.

3. Medical marijuana seeds

If you want to grow high CBD content strains from seed, SeedSupreme stock a wide variety of medicinal marijuana seeds to help combat pain, stress, and anxiety.

SeedSupreme give you value and choice

seeds2 How To Remove The Guess Work When Buying Weed Seeds
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In addition to their massive selection, SeedSupreme offers customers weed seeds at great prices. Each package comes with either five or ten seeds, depending on the selected size, and vary in price based on the strain.

SeedSupreme boosts orders to an even higher quality by giving every customer free seeds with every purchase. Any order under $72 receives two free marijuana seeds of the same strain that was purchased. Over $72 gets you four free seeds, all the way up to orders over $288 which will leave you with ten free seeds.

That’s enough to start a hefty crop all on its own! And stealth delivery keeps your purchases discreet.

SeedSupreme also runs special deals every day, so it’s important to keep checking back to find the latest and greatest in the world of cannabis cultivation.

Check out their website, and their Facebook page for more strain reviews.