Have you ever wondered how rolling papers evolved into the billion dollar industry that saturates cigarette and cannabis markets? Well, it all started back in Spain during the early 1700’s. The first big contract to begin mass producing rolling papers was none other than Napoleon himself. He needed a solution because his soldiers would frequently tear pages out of literature to roll their cigarettes. So how did the industry transform into a global enterprise since then? Check out RAW’s video on the brief history of rolling papers below.

Rolling sheets to rolling papers

The founder of RAW Josh Kesselman shares a great timeline of how different sizes of rolling papers came to be throughout history. The 1 1/4″ rolling papers have been a staple for hundreds of years, but how did they come to be so popular?

Well naturally, cigarettes dominated the market throughout history and a museum in Alcoy Spain shows the earliest evidence of rolling cigarettes with that specific size.

They didn’t even have individual packaging back then, as they’d start with 1 large sheet of paper and make multiple folds in it to divide it up.

Josh explains that because changing the sizes of rolling papers can be very difficult for manufacturers, the 1 1/4″ size dominated history. But, once a King was spotted smoking a larger sized cigarette, people started to begin switching over to the larger “King sized” variety.

Currently, king size cigarettes are the standard worldwide. But the joint industry still holds on to the 1700’s tradition with the true OG rolling paper size.

Are you a fan of the 1 1/4″ size? Because for a lot of daily smokers, that size can often be too small, especially when sharing your joints with others.

Many prefer blunts for that specific reason. They can be stuffed to the brim with cannabis and they burn a lot slower.

Check out RAW’s video on the brief history of rolling papers below.