Is cannabis the new wonder drug? That’s what Joel Stanley, founder of CW Hemp, is pondering. CW Hemp makes high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) products available to the public online. Joel Stanley is one of the five brothers who made known the healing powers of high CBD cannabis. These are the people who first treated Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet Syndrome. Now, Stanely talks about the future of cannabis with Bulletproof Radio.

Taking cannabis into new territory

New Wonder Drug 1 Is Cannabis The New Wonder Drug?
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For decades, cannabis has been an underground, hidden industry. Mainstream public perception declared the plant a dangerous, psychotropic drug. Now, the herb is well on its way to becoming a daily consumable that perhaps one day will next to Vitamin C tablets on the pharmacy shelf.

The most recent trend? Using a CBD extract as a preventative therapy. When Stanley first interacted with the cannabis industry, he was skeptical.

However, over the past few years, the thousands of sick and dying patients helped by cannabis products opened his eyes.

Not only have the Stanley brothers made accessible a powerful medicine, but they are now taking the herb into formerly uncharted territory: dietary supplements.

Stanley explains,

We started to look at [cannabis] and just explore what can these compounds, especially the non-psychoactive ones, the ones that are legal, what can they do for every day health for preventative maintenance, because they are helping so many people right now.

Unfortunately, there are still many legal restrictions on cannabis research, production, and distribution of cannabis products. Certain states have legalized industrial hemp production and the US Farm Bill of 2014 permits the cultivation of cannabis plants that contain less than 0.3% psychoactive THC.

However, supplemental CBD products occupy a bit of a gray area in terms of manufacturing, testing, and distribution.

Making cannabis accessible

New Wonder Drug 2 Is Cannabis The New Wonder Drug?
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Thanks to the internet and the decades of hard work from cannabis activists, the various health benefits of cannabis are making themselves known. This has inspired a new type of cannabis consumer, those who want to reap the beneficial impacts of the herb without smoking or getting high.

Stanley has a few words of advice for these people. He explains,

The right pathway for them is to start with CBD. Anyone who is interested in trying cannabis, because they has anti-inflammatory, any of them, neurodegenerative disorders or just people that want to take it for preventative maintenance, because they are afraid of neurological disorders.

CBD is the very place to start, because we actually can derive it from hemp.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is legally available for purchase online in the United States and in a few other countries, including Australia and England.

Though it would be nice if all cannabis products were legally available, cannabidiol’s entrance into the supplement area is a great accomplishment.

Finally, at least one type of cannabis product is available to those who may benefit from cannabinoid therapies.

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