Anyone can spend a ton of money on an awesome rig. However, not everyone is creative enough to make one of their own. During the video by weed snobz, you can learn how to make a crazy dab rig using apples. Sure, taking dabs from an apple may seem like a waste of time, but nothing beats a homemade project, especially if it will get you high. If you want to get crafty and create a device that works just as well as your go-to fancy schmancy rig, then check out the video below on how to make an apple dab rig.

How to make a crazy apple dab rig

Dabbing is a popular way to get high these days. However, the rigs tend to be a bit on the pricey side. By making your own apple dab rig, you can save money and unleash your inner creative at the same time.

First, you’ll need to grab your supplies, which are two apples, a glass drop-down domeless nail, and a glass blunt.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to drill a hole in the center of the first apple to the core. You can use a drill bit or any tool that will dig.

Then, it’s time to drill a hole for the mouthpiece. Again, you’ll want to dig into the core so that the two holes can match.

After you’re done, stick the mouthpiece in and out of the hole until it fits securely with no apple contents in the way.

Next, stick your glass blunt into the other hole. Again, scoop out any apple remains before you secure the piece.

As for the second apple, you repeat the same steps as the first. However, you’ll be sticking the drop-down domeless nail into the second hole.

Finally, just attach the two apples using the glass blunt and wa-lah! You now have your very own apple dab rig. Don’t forget to check out the video below by weed snobz.