Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather junior recently went to live stream on Periscope and was caught trash talking UFC fighter Connor McGregor. The two have had some beef for a while now, with Mayweather poking fun at his tap out to Nate Diaz earlier this year. Many have speculated that this rivalry could lead to an official fight, as McGregor recently got his boxing license in California. Do you think the two fighters will end up fighting for a prize that could be in the hundreds of millions? Check out the video below.

Mayweather’s nasty comments to McGregor

When Mayweather took to Periscope, it seemed like almost out of the blue when he started cussing out Connor McGregor. He was simply sitting poolside casually eating some ice cream when all of a sudden he blurts out his feeling about the UFC fighter.

I’m gonna slap the shit out of McGregor when I see him. – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although many would love to see this fight to fruition, Mayweather doesn’t believe that it could ever actually happen. He claims that the UFC fighter got his boxing license simply for publicity in an attempt to gain more fans.

I’ma tell you like this, he’s blowing smoke up everybody’s ass. He don’t really want to fight because I went to his boss. He don’t really want to fight. He’s just doing that to keep his name alive, you know what I’m saying, to stay relevant. He don’t really want to fight. He’s doing that building his followers, but he’s smart.

As you can see, the well-versed boxer doesn’t believe for a second that the fight could truly happen. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to sound tough by bragging about slapping another fighter in the face.

He is even offering $10,000 dollars to one of his fans that can come up with the best caption for this picture of McGregor giving up.