2016 has been a crazy year. From the presidential election to the death of Prince, most people are ready to see this year go. Although 2016 has been somewhat rocky, there is one person who manages to keep everyone smiling. That person is Snoop Dogg. In fact, Snoop has done a lot this year. From the release of his line of cannabis products, Leafs By Snoop, to him dissing Kanye on Instagram, Snoop has kept everyone sane this year in more ways than one. Here are ten ways Snoop had your back in 2016.

1. When he joined the Pokémon Go craze

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When Pokémon Go came out, everyone lost their minds, including Snoop Dogg. From the frustration of running out of Poké Balls to rushing to find the rarest Pokémon, Snoop was a part of it all. Although he poked fun at the app a time or two, he still decided to join in anyway.

2. His response to Kanye losing his s***

This nigga crazy ?

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It’s obvious that Kanye has been on something pretty much all year. But when he went on an onstage rant during his Sacramento concert, that’s when people started speaking up. However, the most hilarious and real reaction out there came from Snoop.

3. His funny narrations in Planet Snoop

If you needed something to watch after a smoke session, Planet Snoop had your back. From the battle between a snake and squirrel to the feisty Billy Goat, Snoop’s narrating skills had everyone geeking.

4. When he made threats to Microsoft

Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come ??✨??

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Throughout 2016, there have been outages left and right. From Gmail to PS4s, you name it, and chances are it went down at least once. One outage, in particular, that upset Snoop was Microsoft. Similar to most of you gamers out there, Snoop isn’t a fan of having his online play interrupted.

5. His return to the gangsta rap scene with Coolaid

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After five years of being shy, Snoop made his come back to the gangsta rap scene when he released Coolaid. All summer long, people had something worth listening to, especially “Kush Ups.”

6. The time he said he was moving to Canada

My new home. @champagnepapi I need the hookup on some property. Nefew fuck this shit I'm going to the. 6ix

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As a result of the presidential election, several Americans were plotting their next move. Snoop Dogg, in particular, had his mind set on Canada.

7. Leafs By Snoop

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Snoop smokes a lot of weed, good weed at that. So when he came out with his line of cannabis products, Leafs By Snoop, people knew right away it was going to be good.

8. His love for Snapchat filters

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Snoop is everyone on Snapchat. Anyone who has Snapchat takes epic snaps of themselves using filters, especially while high.

9. When he hopped on board the Joe Biden meme train

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After Trump had won the election, the Joe Biden memes were born. As a matter of fact, these memes became everyone’s favorite, including Snoop, who shared his own on Instagram.

10. His crafting session with Busy Phillips

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Despite all the craziness this year, Snoop’s holiday spirit remains intact. When he made his own Christmas ornaments with Busy Phillips, that became evident. If Snoop can remain positive for the remainder of the year, anyone can.