Not to be confused with Blue Goo, Blue Magoo is a happy indica hybrid from the Pacific Northwest. It generally features moderate amounts of THC but can run a little on the potent side. While this may be a little on the strong side for those new to the herb, Blue Magoo will provide a mellow and easy high for those with some experience. Calm and relaxed, this strain will help you unwind and kick back.

Strain details

Blue Magoo Will 1 Blue Magoo: The Indica Hybrid To Help You Unwind & Kick Back
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Blue Magoo was born and raised in Oregon but has since traveled to other western states. This indica hybrid is the 90s lovechild of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Major League Bud (William’s Wonder F2). The first is a fruity indica famous for its dreamy effects. The second is an indica strain that was hot on the scene in the 80s.

This strain is a great choice for cannabis novices and professionals alike. THIS is a moderately potent flower, featuring around 16% THC on average. However, this the strain can reach up to over 20% of the psychoactive, so it’s important to check testing data if you have the opportunity.

Blue Magoo is one tasty treat. This flower has inherited much of the taste of Blueberry. Sweet, berry, and fruit aromas are balanced by a classic cannabis earthiness and hints of spice.

These clone-only buds tend to be tight and dense, coated with a milky white sheen of trichomes.

The Blue Magoo experience

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A slow body high is Blue Magoo’s signature move. However, this strain provides a pleasurable, mental haziness that makes it great after a long day at work.

This same haziness makes this an evening and nighttime strain. It may be difficult to focus on detailed tasks after a few puffs of this drowsy herb.

Some notice that the strain’s effects tend to hit behind the eyes and in the sinuses first. It can create a gentle pressure in the face, followed by a comfortable physical relaxation. Muscle tension and stiffness often eases away, replaced by a sensation of calm.

This indica has a tendency to make you hungry. Having some snacks handy is recommended before partaking in this herb. Overall, it’s a happy and relaxed flower that provides a pleasant, hazy uplift and sense of ease.

However, expect to want a nap by the time the primary effects wear off.

Why do people use Blue Magoo?

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Blue Magoo is a great strain for hanging low and killing time. This flower may be sleepy, but it also inspires a happy, and upbeat mood that makes for a great addition to spending some relaxing time with family or a close group of friends. Just don’t expect to get too riled up, as this is one cool cat.

Medical consumers have many reasons to love Blue Magoo. The sedative effects of this flower make it a good choice for those who need a little help getting to sleep.

The body high is also helpful for many patients who experience chronic pain. It creates a gentle and effective body numbness, easing away physical stress.

On top of stimulating appetite, it may be beneficial for those with gastrointestinal distress. It tends to reduce nausea and block pain, two highly beneficial traits for anyone who experiences intestinal discomfort.

Many also use Blue Magoo to manage chronic stress and ease symptoms of depression.