Custom made for fans of the Trailer Park Boys this new online series stars the one and only Jim Lahey. Featuring the ultra-intoxicated Jim Lahey, the Pilot episode straddles the line between ridiculousness and comedic brilliance. John Dunsworth’s ability to become the persona of someone that intoxicated, while still being entertaining truly is a skill. Make sure to watch out the pilot below and check out the Trailer Park Boys Youtube Channel for more episodes.

A quick bio on Jim Lahey

SwearNet’s YouTube channel came out with this hilarious clip back in 2014, but we still think it should be shared to this day.

For fans that just jumped into the Trailer Park Boys without a lot of context about Jim Lahey, this should clear things up.

Before his days as the enforcer of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Jim was an idealistic police officer. But, after Ricky and Julian pulled a harsh prank on him, Lahey was dismissed from his duties.

Ever since then, it has been his passion to have as high a blood alcohol level as possible, while constantly trying to cause problems with Ricky and Julian. Even in his drunkest of moments, Jim’s passion for the trailer park never seems to dim.

That passion usually results in him trying to get Ricky or Julian arrested for their unlawful activities that happen regularly in the park.

Although he constantly tries to get the boys kicked out of the park, Jim would truly be lost without them. His drunken adventures often are a result of him reminiscing on his days of an active police officer.

And without any drama in the park to attend to, Jim wouldn’t have much of a purpose. The banter between the boys and Jim continues throughout all 11 seasons, and many argue it is the most entertaining part of the whole show.

2016 07 04 06 39 57 Did You Catch Jim Lahey From Trailer Park Boys Solo Show?

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2016 07 04 06 39 57 Did You Catch Jim Lahey From Trailer Park Boys Solo Show?