Many people believe that only rock stars should enter the Rock Hall of Fame. On the contrary, the Rock Hall of Fame is a place for artists whose music impacts the lives of millions. Now, for the first time, a solo rap artist is being inducted into the hall. That artist, in particular, is Tupac Shakur. Despite his death in 1996, Pac continues to make history to this day. Along with 2pac, Pearl Jam, Journey, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra and Joan Baez are also on the list of inductees.

Tupac, Pearl Jam, Journey, and more

Tupac Pearl Jam 1 Who Made The List For The Rock Hall Of Fame 2017?
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Earlier this week, the 2017 Rock Hall of Fame inductees were announced. In fact, this upcoming year’s list includes not only talented rock stars but also a very well-known rap artist.

Although he is no longer here, Tupac Shakur will go down in history as the first solo rap artist to enter the hall.

In addition to Pac, Pearl Jam, Journey, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra and Joan Baez are among the inductees for 2017. Moreover, Nile Rodgers will also be awarded for his musical talent.

In order to qualify for the list, artists must have released their debuts 25 years before the date of induction. During the new year, both Tupac and Pearl Jam will meet their eligibility for the first time.

Although this is Yes’s third time on the ballot, 2017 will mark a first for Journey, Pearl Jam, and Electric Light Orchestra. As for Joan Baez, another first-timer, she couldn’t believe that she was nominated, let alone inducted,

I never considered myself to be a rock and roll artist.

Tupac Shakur: The sixth MC elected to the Rock Hall of Fame

Tupac Pearl Jam 2 Who Made The List For The Rock Hall Of Fame 2017?
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Despite his death occurring in 1996, and that fact that he’s a rap artist, Pac will be the sixth MC elected into the Hall. During November of 1991, 2Pacalypse Now dropped, making him eligible for induction in 2017.

In fact, 2017 isn’t the first time rap has entered the Rock Hall of Fame. This year, in particular, N.W.A was inducted. Also, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were elected during the previous years.

Upon receiving news of Tupac’s induction, the artist’s estate shared their gratitude on Instagram,

On behalf of the Tupac Estate, we are incredibly honored to announce that Tupac has been selected as one of the 2017 inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Thank you to the nominating committee and to his fans who supported his nomination by voting. This award recognizes how Tupac’s message of change and mission to give a voice to those who didn’t have one continues to resonate with millions of people to this day.

You are the reason Tupac’s legacy lives on.

The ceremony will take place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on April 7th, 2017. Furthermore, details on purchasing tickets will be announced early in the new year.