The beauty of a vortex blunt is that anyone can roll one with a little practice. Not only do these particular blunts offer high-quality flavor, but they also pack your weed as tightly as possible. Therefore, getting the perfect pearl will never be an issue. Although many vortex blunt wraps come with directions on the back, be sure to check out the video by Green Clouds for a visual step-by-step guide.

How to roll a vortex blunt

No matter your skill level when it comes to rolling, you’ll find that rolling a vortex blunt is simple. Not to mention, it’s far easier to roll than your average blunt.

Vortex blunt wraps come with directions on the back, but this video by Green Cloud will make the process that much easier. Therefore, grab your ganja and get started!

Typically, vortex blunts can hold about a gram of cannabis, but half will do just fine.

First, open up the packaging and grab one blunt, or two if you want to get Snoop Dogg high. As can be seen, there are two sides of the stick where you can place your weed. For the best results, spread your weed (adding kief is even better) evenly on both sides. Be sure to tuck one side while working on the other.

After placing all of your weed inside the wrap, it’s time to begin rolling. Begin by tucking in one side and from there simply start rolling. Roll, tuck, roll, tuck, and repeat. It’s that easy.

Before finishing, lick the remaining edges so that everything will remain intact. Once you’re done, pull the stick out, chop off the side, fire that baby up, and enjoy.