If you’re a Quentin Tarantino fan, then you’ve more than likely seen the Big Kahuna Burger pop up a time or two in his movies. The infamous cheeseburger appears in Pulp Fiction, but also in Reservoir Dogs. Now, you can whip up your own Big Kahuna Burger right in your home thanks to this recipe from Binging With Babish. Ready to get cooking? If so, then be sure to check out the video below.

The Big Kahuna Burger

In case you have ever wanted to make your very own Big Kahuna Burger, the time has finally come. Now, there is a recipe from Binging With Babish for the delicious burger so that you can make one anytime that you please.

First, Babish smashes the beef patty onto a smoking hot cast iron pan. Then, he throws on a slice of American cheese, which will make you drool as it begins to melt.

Babish also adds a ton of ketchup, because what is a burger without ketchup? As a result, the amazing and tasty Big Kahuna Burger.

He doesn’t stop there – Babish decides to create an authentic Hawaiian burger by adding extras.

First, he caramelizes some pineapple to add some tropical flavor to the burger. Then, he tosses some jack cheese onto a double patty burger, and both are placed on a fine Hawaiian roll.