Hot Wheels are one of the world’s favorite childhood toys. Most people tend to outgrow them, but there are some that never do. In fact, a lot of adults enjoy collecting the toy cars. However, no one has a collection quite as extraordinary as Bruce Pascal. From 175 never-released prototypes to one of the rarest in the world, Pascal’s million dollar Hot Wheels collection will make your inner child jump for joy. Be sure to check it out in the video below.

This Hot Wheels collection will make your inner child jump for joy

Bruce Pascal doesn’t just own a toy-box full of Hot Wheels… He has an entire toy room just for his Hot Wheels. How many adults do you know that still have a room dedicated for playing?

Although it may sound crazy, Pascal’s Hot Wheels collection will make you wish you had a car-filled room too. Pascal’s collection includes over 3500 cars, which he says is worth over a million dollars.

His collection includes 175 prototypes that never made it to sale. Moreover, he even owns one of the rarest Hot Wheels in the world- a bright pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Rear-Loader. Because of its excellent condition, Pascal says the car itself is probably worth $150,000.

The collection is so large that he hopes to open a museum someday. Not just because he loves them,  but because he also believes he has more one-of-a-kind items than Mattel.