In the cannabis world, there is strength in working together. A cannabis cultivator, agricultural research firm, and cannabis retailer have all signed on as a part of the Oregon Hub, a new venture that hopes to set Oregon apart on a global scale. Here’s how the Oregon Hub hopes to lead with as an all-encompassing cannabis research and production center.

Is Oregon set to be a global cannabis leader?

Portlander and liquor distributor Matt Maletis sees an opportunity to lead in the cannabis business and research markets. The organizer behind the Oregon Hub, Maletis has joined with several businesses to create a full-circle cannabis venture.

Thus far, Oregon Hub consists of Newcleus Nurseries, an established cannabis farming operation, and agricultural genomics company Phylos Bioscience. Oregon’s Finest, a cannabis retailer, will be renting space at the Clackamas County location.

Maletis is hopeful that Oregon can set the pace for future cannabis industry initiatives. He explains,

Oregon really has a key strategic advantage that has to do with climate, political environment and the entrenched culture that is here. There are lot of thing about Oregon that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Oregon Hub: An innovative approach

Oregon Hub Announces 2 Oregon Hub: Is This The Revolutionary Future Of Cannabis?
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But, Oregon Hub is about more than about taking advantage of Oregon’s fertile soils and positive business environment. Jeremy Plumb of Newcleus has some big plans for the venture.

He hopes that Oregon Hub will pave the way in sustainable growing, minimizing energy output and water usage as much as possible.

To Plumb, cannabis is one of the most important new tools of our time. He states,

This is the most valuable crop the planet has ever seen, yet its 70 years behind any other crop in its development. At Oregon Hub, that all can change. I truly believe the work that happens here can revolutionize the way we think about this amazing plant.

From seed, retail, and research, Oregon Hub is an innovative partnership will allow all of those involved to expand and benefit from working together. As Maletis explains,

The stars of this thing are the businesses that have come together here. What we’re doing is providing a venue for revolutionary folks who have been driving this industry forward, and I know the synergies are going to be amazing.