One of the most profitable companies in the world has its eyes set on taking on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Tech-giant Apple is looking to create original content in the hopes of officially entering the entertainment industry. With almost $50 billion in profit last year, the creative reach that Apple can achieve has huge potential.

Industry experts: Is Apple going over their head?

Apple Looks To 1 Apple Wants To Make Content To Compete With Netflix Originals
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Whether they want to create their own branded streaming service or just TV and movie content, nobody knows. But, it’s possible that Apple would rather purchase an already established streaming service, rather than to start from scratch and challenge Netflix.

It seems that many in the industry have some skepticism over whether Apple should enter the crowded market of creating original movies and TV shows. Especially considering Apple has no experience in Hollywood. The only thing they have going for them is seemingly unlimited pockets, of which could purchase talent or already established companies.

It seemed odd that they would take that really big gigantic leap into creating content. Content is not very easy to figure out. – Producer Sid Ganis

Product expansion

apps hero Apple Wants To Make Content To Compete With Netflix Originals
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Those who follow Apple’s success are suggesting that they want to expand into a different market as Apple sales fell last year for the first time since 2001 – largely due to less demand for its latest iPhones.

Having original content is a strategy that is simply just going to bring people back to Apple. I think this is going to represent a unique opportunity for them, one that’s going to make them more competitive with these other original content providers that potentially have been drawing Apple users away from the Apple ecosystem.

I think Apple’s just trying to find their place and how they can capture some of the revenue in other ways. And this sort of TV and video and music content I think is just going to be one more pillar that they’re going to be able to stand on over time. – Analyst Brian Blau

If Apple ever does decide to create a media producing subsidiary, it’s more than likely it will be directly available on their already established media software, iTunes.