Are you a cannabis supporter that resides in Britain? If so, then there is now a special place where you can freely blaze. Not to mention, it’s in a secret location, which often changes. Not only does this secret cannabis “speakeasy” help raise awareness, but also the positive benefits of cannabis. In like manner of “speakeasy” drinking clubs, where Americans drank inconspicuously during the prohibition, the creator of this club hopes to inspire Brits to push for legalization.

Teesside Cannabis Club

Theres A Secret 1 You Can Blaze Up Freely At This Secret Cannabis Speakeasy
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Cannabis is still illegal in Britain, so it is difficult for Brits to find places to consume the herb that is free from possible legal trouble. However, there may be a solution for that problem.

As it turns out, there is now a place where Brits can go and blaze safely, if they can find it. Not only can you go there to socialize with other cannabis supporters, but you can also consume in private.

In like manner of “speakeasy” drinking clubs, where Americans drank secrecy during the prohibition, the owner hopes to inspire Brits to push for legal weed.

The Teesside Cannabis Club is in a top-secret location, which changes from time to time. During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the club held celebrations which allowed people to smoke within a social setting openly.

Bringing light to the benefits of cannabis

Theres A Secret 2 You Can Blaze Up Freely At This Secret Cannabis Speakeasy
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The organization does not permit alcohol, nor can you sell any drugs. However, the business does not stop anyone from bringing their own weed inside of the club.

John Holliday is the founder of the Teesside Cannabis Club. According to John, the organization is doing something that should be happening all across the UK,

It is somewhere to go where people can be social – what we’re doing should be happening across the UK. It’s also about raising awareness and letting people know about the positive benefits of cannabis.

If you want to find the club’s secret location, then you must sign up in advance, says Holliday,

You have to sign up in advance and find out the location 24 hours before. We’re just pushing the boundaries a bit and hope cannabis social clubs spring up across the country as a result.

The Cleveland Police were asked to comment, but they declined. However, authorities say that they will continue to enforce Britain’s current drug laws. But not to worry, that’s not stopping Holliday from staying in business,

It’s inevitable that this will spread and there’s nothing that can be done about it – cannabis clubs meet up in temporary locations all the time, all we’ve done is formalise it in bricks and mortar.

Find out more about the Teesside Cannabis Club on their website and Facebook page.