Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Before you think about running to your local florist for a dozen roses, consider a better option: a weed bouquet. If you have been stressing nonstop about finding the perfect gift, then Lowell Herb Co. has your back. At this very moment, the Los Angeles family farm is offering the bouquets for $400 each, and they even deliver. Regardless if you’re spending this special day alone or with your sweetheart, it’s hard to pass up an entire bundle of California sun-grown cannabis.

The weed bouquet: better than your ordinary Valentine’s Day flowers

The Weed Bouquet 1 Treat Your Mary Jane To This Super Cool Weed Bouquet On Valentines Day
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With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, all of the last minute shoppers are starting to freak out. In fact, many of them haven’t even begun to think about what to get their special someone, let alone plan the day.

If you are one of those people, then no need to stress any longer because Lowell Herb Co. is offering the best gift that money can buy: a weed bouquet. That’s right, a legit bouquet of weed, which is far better than your ordinary roses.

Not only will this particular gift make you and your sweetheart happy, but it will also ease any built up tension the two of you may have. Indeed, nothing says I love you quite like a big bunch of weed.

The bouquet, in particular, features full stems of cannabis buds along with wildflowers and eucalyptus plants, all of which will get you and your lover high as pie. Not to mention, the bouquet is just as gorgeous as any arrangement of flowers that you find at your local florist.

Also, the bouquet comes with one ounce of Lowell’s Purple Princess strain. Therefore, that should be more than enough weed for you and your sweetie to toke on even after Valentine’s Day.

No partner? No problem

The Weed Bouquet 2 Treat Your Mary Jane To This Super Cool Weed Bouquet On Valentines Day
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Lowell Herb Co. is best known for making California sun-grown cannabis. Not only do they use organic fertilizer on their plants, but they also steer clear of synthetic pesticides. From seed to sale, Lowell Herb Co. commits to using all-natural materials.

The only downfall is that the bouquets are strictly available in the Los Angeles area. And you must have a recommendation from a doctor to be able to purchase one.

Each bouquet costs $400, and the company is only offering 500 of them. Therefore, if you want to knock your sweetheart’s socks off with a great gift, then you’ll need to act fast.

No partner? No problem! Gifting yourself with a cannabis bouquet will still brighten your day. Not to mention, you won’t have to share.

So, if you want to make your day, or someone else’s, then ditch the traditional bouquet of flowers and replace them with ganja. Single or not, who can say no to a bundle of bud?