Everyone loves a little bling-bling on their fingers. As a matter of fact, wearing rings is an excellent way to express yourself. And what better way to show off your love for the herb than on your fingers? From chic and sleek to simple and sweet, here are five awesome weed rings.

1. High Society weed ring

5 Awesome Weed 1 5 Awesome And Bling Weed Rings
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Although this is one ring, it’s almost as if you’re getting three in one. Not to mention, it’s beautiful, but not too flashy.

If you want to represent cannabis proudly and stylishly, this ring will do the trick. Even better, it will match with practically anything, which is always a plus. Get one of your own here.

2. Ornate pot leaf ring

5 Awesome Weed 2 5 Awesome And Bling Weed Rings
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This is one badass ring. Not only does it come in silver, but you can also get it in gold. Also, you can either wear it as a regular ring or a knuckle ring.

Order yours from the Miss Mary Jane Co.

3. The Cali ring

? Mixing music with my Cali ?

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Cali ring creator Mike shares how the Cali ring came to be,

I thought of this idea when I was at home one day and I said to myself, ‘I wish there were a way to chill while smoking and not use my hands’. The idea was born – A SMOKE RING!

I first started off with a hoop then wanted something with more style. That is when I made the lion ring. I found myself using it while texting and smoking, driving, and just chilling with friends. I’ve found it adds a super chill style to smoking and looks really cool. It definitely attracts attention from others and strikes up convos.

Get your Cali ring here.

4. Cannabis leaf ring

5 Awesome Weed 4 5 Awesome And Bling Weed Rings
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This handmade ring is simple yet fun at the same time. In fact, the set includes the midi ring with the cannabis ring, as well as three adjustable band rings.

This ring has already been sold. But because it comes from Etsy, you can always email the shop owner here to request one.

5. 10K yellow gold genuine diamond 3D weed leaf emblem ring

5 Awesome Weed 5 5 Awesome And Bling Weed Rings
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If you love you some bling-bling, then feast your eyes on this stud. As a matter of fact, this ring was hand-crafted in solid 10K gold. Also, it’s studded with diamonds throughout its entire front bezel.

Not only is this ring pricey, but it’s also heavy! To be exact, this bad boy weighs 9.6 grams. As for the price, it’s a whopping $699.99, and that’s on sale! However, it retails for $2,800.

Showing your support for cannabis won’t be hard with this monster. Not to mention, you’ll look fancy AF. Sure, it may be a little bold, but still a stunning piece of jewelry. Get yours here.