A new social smoker platform is engaging the stoner community with hilarious content, useful insight into the cannabis world and unique clothing. Weed’s Home offers followers the ability to keep updated with some of the latest information to hit the web, all while interacting with the community around them. From comedy to history, Weed’s Home covers all aspects of the stoner world from start to finish.

Bringing weed home

weed3 Weeds Home: Keeping The Cannabis Community Informed And In Style
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Since opening in 2014, Weed’s Home has gained a devoted group of more than 1.2 million followers who love to share in the Mary Jane information put out by the online magazine. After launching, the website grew rapidly and quickly learned how to adapt to their increasing 420 community.

Weed’s Home knew their members wanted to be treated as more than just another number. The community has truly become something like a family, where each user can offer their perspective and insight with other followers who share their love of cannabis.

The online magazine continues to grow and expand their following, finding new creative and fun ways to offer up weed humor, reviews, and information that might go unnoticed to by other sources.

By offering a fresh perspective on the world of weed, Weed’s Home has been able to corner a section of the community that may have previously been untapped.

Weed’s Home: Informed and in style

weeds2 Weeds Home: Keeping The Cannabis Community Informed And In Style
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Each month, Weed’s Home brings its member the opportunity to purchase different articles of clothing from their online shop. Ranging from t-shirts, socks, hoodies and tanks, the Weed’s Home store offers something fun and unique for every shopper.

Men and women can choose from a wide variety of items that change monthly, so there’s never time to get bored with the merchandise. In addition to the unique clothing offered, Weed’s Home also bring a line of accessories that include cell phone cases, pillows, and mugs.

Followers will want to check back frequently to keep up-to-date with the ever changing and expanding options. There’s even a sales section, where customers can get great items at a discounted price. Not only are these perfect for every stoner, they’re great to give as gifts to all your cannabis loving friends.

Check out Weed’s Home for yourself, and be sure to follow them on Facebook.