Every dabber strives to have the best oil rig – it’s an art, really. Every cannabis user has individual preferences, but the one debate that ceases to end: domeless nails vs. domed nails. There are numerous ways to consume cannabis, but perhaps the most important thing for the frequent or even occasional dabber to examine are the pros and cons of different nails in their rig. Exploring the pros and cons of domeless nails vs nails with domes is essential.

Domed nails

nail3 Domeless Nails Vs. Domed Nails: Which Is Best For Dabbing?
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The occasional dabber generally uses a domed nail in a rig. Domed nails are generally made out of titanium, ceramic, quartz, or glass.

While there are many reasons to use a domed nail in your oil rig, such as consistency, there are a few downsides when using a domed nail.

If you’re new to dabbing, and a more patient cannabis user, then perhaps these cons aren’t so bad. But don’t give up just yet if you’re feeling like you want another option!


  • Domed nails are generally cheaper (which is awesome if you do not plan to dab frequently)
  • Better for individual use (no worrying about wasting vapor as you wait for your buddy to take a hit)
  • Vapors are captured, which means you’ll get a more consistent high
  • Due to the attached dome, domed nails are safer to use


  • Heat time (heating, then placement, then dab)
  • Maintenance of the piece (cleaning, and potential breaks if using glass)

Domeless nails

nail2 Domeless Nails Vs. Domed Nails: Which Is Best For Dabbing?
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Generally, frequent and daily dabbers use domeless nails for a number of reasons. Like domed nails, they’re made of a variety of materials but contribute uniquely to an oil rig.

It’s pretty obvious why domeless nails are a great accessory if you’re a frequent dabber, and widely considered to be the superior nail. If you plan to dab often, then the con list for domeless nails may not impact you.


  • Bigger dabs
  • Fast heating = fast dabs
  • Versatility: Nails have the ability to hold multiple fittings and come in different styles
  • Reduce the risk of burn if the user has to adjust the dome


  • Domeless nails are more expensive
  • They’re catered for the more seasoned dabber, based on fast heating.
  • Captures vapor less efficiently (unless you purchase a carb cap)

The endless debate

dabbing hero Domeless Nails Vs. Domed Nails: Which Is Best For Dabbing?
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The debate over domeless nails vs. nails with domes may be endless, but there are pros and cons for each. If you’re new to the world of dabbing, the domed nails are probably for you, but if you are an experience and frequent dabber, look into the domeless options. No matter which style of nail you choose, dab on, friends.