Bong Appétit will take you on a cannabis-fueled culinary journey around the world in search of bold flavors, colorful characters, and truly high-end eating, seeking out those with a passion for food, weed, and merriment.

Bong Appétit: The next-level of cannabis-infused cuisine

Bong Appétit is the new cannabis cooking show from Viceland that wants you to come dine with weed.

The show’s host, Abdullah Saeed throws elaborate cannabis dinner parties in a West Hollywood mansion, Casa de Bong, with notable chefs preparing multi-course infused meals.

The show wouldn’t be complete without a million-dollar pantry that contains an abundance of cannabis goodness, like 20 to 30 jars of various types of high-end flower, and some other never-before-seen ingredients

According to the show’s producer, Jason Pinsky,

We have stuff in the pantry that no one knows about yet. We have isolated CBD that’s been altered to dissolve in water. It’s so fucking cutting edge.

A cornucopia of cannabis

ba2 Bong Appétit: The New Next Level Cannabis Cooking Show From Viceland

While Bong Appétit introduces ways to ingest cannabis that many people will probably never try, the show also includes brief DIY’s that you can do from home, especially in legal states across America.

In fact, the show is aiming to prepare its audience for a world that involves a cornucopia of cannabis products that will someday be in everyone’s pantry.

Moreover, Vice hopes to smash the stigma surrounding cannabis, which Pinsky says the industry is all about,

The whole message right now in cannabis industry is about breaking stereotypes.

If the typical stoner is a white dude in middle America, show a more diverse range of people enjoying weed as part of their lifestyle.

Pinsky, a cannabis advocate, and patient, hopes new media can be a better ally to cannabis than old media. According to Pinsky, the show isn’t even about getting high,

Shit man, we’re cooking with weed in ways that don’t even get you high. No euphoric effect. It’s just for medicinal or aromatic qualities.