Now that recreational weed has been voted legal in California, celebrities are eager to dive right into the pot market. Snoop Dogg, Whoopi Goldberg, and Wiz Khalifa are just a few stars jumping head-first into the industry. Many celebs are producing high-end products and their own weed strains, helping them stand out to customers who want nothing but the best as far as quality goes.

Celebrities and cannabis

CELEBRITIES LAUNCH POT 1 Celebrities Are Getting Ready For Californias Recreational Weed Market
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California is gearing towards launching their recreational weed market. Although it’s not ready yet, celebrities are already working full throttle to develop their own pot brands.

Not only are celebs like Willie Nelson diving head first into the game, but so is Snoop Dogg and several other stars. Although the state is racing to issue growers licenses by early 2018, it’s still not certain who will be first in line.

Of course, it’s safe to assume growers that already hold a license to cultivate medical cannabis will be first. However, celebrities that are currently in the industry may have just as much of a leg up.

Stars, their fame, and their personal relationship with cannabis have landed them in prime positions. Take Bob Marley’s children, for example. During 2014, Marley’s oldest daughter Cedella introduced Marley Natural. And now that Proposition 64 has been passed, Cedella says California’s legal weed market is the largest in the world.

In fact, Marley Natural products are already up for grabs at California medical dispensaries. And according to Cedella, the line is a way to help people understand the herb the way her dad did,

It also carries enormous cultural significance and influence, so it will be an important place to help people understand the herb the way my dad enjoyed it.

Then, you have Bob Marley’s son Damian. Not only does he run a pot shop, Stony Hill, but he’s also turned a vacant 77,000-square-foot prison into a weed factory. And Julian Marley also has his own range of cannabis products, JuJu Royal.

Celebs are helping to legitimize weed

CELEBRITIES LAUNCH POT 2 Celebrities Are Getting Ready For Californias Recreational Weed Market
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Although several stars are investing their time and money to the industry, Snoop Dogg by far shows the most dedication. Notably, Snoop organized a $25 million venture capital fund for pot investing called Casa Verde. Casa Verde is Spanish for “greenhouse.”

Successively, Casa Verde has invested $10 million into Eaze, a cannabis delivery service.

As of now, the herb is legal in 28 states, and Washington D.C., for medical purposes. Despite cannabis being illegal on a federal level, polls reveal that most Americans support repealing the federal ban on cannabis.