Either using something that is bought or made by your own hand, there are many ways to smoke weed. And some of them have to be seen to be believed. Whether it’s using your nose (but tread carefully with that) or a dead fish, the internet has allowed almost everything you could think of to be used to smoke. If anything, this list of clever ways to partake should be used as entertainment, leaving this kind of testing to the “experts”.

1. A nose for things

It isn’t recommended, but it does have to be seen to be believed. There are many downsides to this, from a singed mustache or bangs (at the very least), but it does go down as one hell of a party trick. Stupidly hilarious takes using your body as a pipe to the next level.

2. Smoke weed out of a dead fish (for real)

You can decide for yourself whether or not this ingenious. Just remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea – and rivers, too, if you’re landlocked – so this could be the go. Also, you might want a breath mint for you and the fish. bBristolbaybonanza even tells you how to do it, if you really want to.

3. A control on things

With this hack, you could say that gaming has come a long way, huh? Yes, this could work with almost any controller from almost any console, but remember that those classic NES controllers are worth a bit on eBay. Josh from StrainCentral will walk you through this one.

4. Stay in touch

Do you reckon Steve Jobs would be proud about this? Even though Crutch 420 used an iPhone 4, it’s safe to say that later generations of Apple’s smartphone will work, but it’s best to test it on an older one. And, no, there’s no app for it – not yet, anyway.

5. All that jazz

Being able to make music is a gift, as is smoking a bowl out of a saxophone, as bananapooptime proves. There’s no doubt that Bart Simpson did this with Lisa’s sax in later years.