It’s a brand new week, and that means another week of mouthwatering munchies. If you smoke the herb, then you know all about the munchies. All food tastes amazing when you’re high. However, some treats are better than others. Not to mention, they are more pleasing to the eye. To celebrate making it through another seven days, here are the seven best munchies of the week.

1. A sandwich worth biting into

It’s gonna be a good day. (📷: @renniebakes) #eatmunchies

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Not just any sandwich, but a bagel sandwich. First, there’s bacon. Then, you have your melted cheese. It looks like there might even be an egg in the mix.

2. Ice cream taco

How wonderful is this ice cream taco? It’s not your average taco, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t satisfy you on Taco Tuesday. Just look at the sprinkles sitting perfectly on top of the cookies & cream ice cream. If you aren’t drooling, then you must not be high enough.

3. Fun with fries

A perfectly fried duck egg sits atop perfectly fried chips. Perfection.

4. A whole lot of everything

If you’re indecisive, then you should have no trouble finding something to snack on from this lovely arrangement of delicacies. You have your veggies, meats, and cheeses. Also, there are a few selections of drinks to quench your thirst. It doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Toast anyone?

Playing with toasties today 🌈What’s your pick? Have a good week ahead ❤✌️

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You might think nothing beats slapping some grape jam on top of some toast. However, it turns out there is a lot you can do with toast, all of which will transform a single piece of bread into an entire meal.

6. Not-so-basic romaine salad

Do you prefer healthy meals? If so, this romaine salad was made for you. This salad, in particular, comes with a side of gluten-free crackers, wild elite tuna, and a bunch of other nutritional goodies.

7. Rainbow churros

Taste the rainbow 🌈 Our Crystal Rainbow Loop Churros are HERE! ➰ #theloopchurros #stayintheloop 📷: @scottafters

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Everything is better with a splash of color, including churros, one of the sweetest snacks on the planet. If you’ve ever wanted to bite into a rainbow, you can finally do so.

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13087790 488318254699179 6066319535818198417 n 7 Mouthwatering Instagram Munchies Of The Week
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