From celebrating 420, to celebrating on any day of the year, here are five kicks that every die-hard stoner can wear to show their true colors.

1. The Classic

5 420 kicks 1new 5 Classic Kicks Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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Listen, listen up… I’m so wasted!

And with that, the Vans Checkerboard Slip-On became instantly associated with the quintessential cinematic stoner, Jeff Spicoli, which continues to this day.

With its low profile canvas upper that features the checkerboard print and the original waffle sole, you can see why it is a classic, too. It’s not recommended to use the Vans’ iconic waffle sole as a way to explain to your friends just how wasted you are, either.

Availability: Easy! Just head to your local Vans retailer and slip ‘em on.

2. The Stash

5 420 kicks 2new 5 Classic Kicks Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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Released on 4/20, last year, the Adidas Stan Smith Vulc “Happy” takes a classic design and adds a little something extra. But, due to not being available in retail stores, the Happy 420 cost a lot of green – greenbacks, that is.

Since the shoes were only available to purchase to people who won the opportunity to do so in a raffle, the “Happy” is hard to find, so expect to pay more than the original price tag of $120.

Availability: Not so easy. You’ll need to partner up with a sneakerhead to track a pair of these kicks down.

3. The Homage

5 420 kicks 3new 5 Classic Kicks Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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When it comes to weed in popular culture, you can’t go past “Cheech & Chong”, two icons of stoner comedy, which is why it was a given that the duo would be paid homage in the form of foot fashion. But, unlike a licensed or unlicensed tee, the Nike SB Dunk High Quickstrike takes that homage to the diehard fans and also sneakerheads.

Released in 2011, after lengthy delays that only made the kicks more sought-after, the “Cheech & Chong” SB Dunk are more than meets the eye. Along with the red paisley pattern, which was worn in the classic Up in Smoke, the shoe allows you to remove the white material on the front to reveal some green… if you choose to, you can burn it off, too.

Availability: This will be tough, since it’s not just fans of 420 who want the kicks, is all.

4. The OG

5 420 kicks 4new 5 Classic Kicks Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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While others have followed suit, it was éS, an offshoot of etnies, which introduced the stash pocket in 1997, all with the help of legendary shredder Chad Muska.

The original stash came on the first generation of Muska’s pro model (as skaters have pro models, not signature kicks), which was one of the first modern skate shoes to take its cues from basketball shoes, in the form of mesh making an appearance, along with a heel tab.

But its defining feature was the stash pocket in the tongue, which allowed Muska to keep his stash safe and sound, which was the same for a new generation of groms that looked up to the legend.

Availability: Good luck! With the original release being in 1997, there won’t be too many examples of the Muska in wearable condition, but subsequent releases can be found on eBay.

5. The Hand-Made

420kicks 5 Classic Kicks Every Stoner Needs On Their Feet
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New to the market, 420 Kicks are just what the name suggests: kicks for people who love 420. Not only do the canvas kicks have nine different designs, but the canvas kicks are also hand-made for each order, so you know you’ll be getting a unique and quality shoe that isn’t available at your local mall.

When you place an order, 420 Kicks custom print the canvas, sew it to the main body, attach the sole and get it out to you. Be sure to keep an eye on the website, too, as there will be new releases that drop weekly and some limited edition collaborations.

Availability: Simple! Just go to and order a pair. If you find the fit isn’t perfect, 420 Kicks will swap ‘em out for a pair that does, too.